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Character Profile: Castiel

Character: Castiel, Angel of the Lord. 

Actor: Misha Fucking Collins, Sydney Imbeau
First appearance: Season 4, Episode #1, Lazerus Rising 

Last appearance: Season 6, Episode #10, currently still in the show

Number of episodes: 33 so far

Species: Angel (soldier)

Hosts: Jimmy Novak (primary), Claire Novak (briefly)

Powers: Altering reality, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Manipulating time, Fast healing, Super strength, Angelic possession, Invulnerability and Immortality (to a degree)  


We were first introduced to Castiel's voice in the Season 4 Premier Episode, Lazarus Rising, as savior of our beloved Dean. His entrance is rough; burning Pam's eyes out,(granted he did warn her.) It was not till the end of the episode that Misha Collins makes his disheveled-tax-accountant-looking debut, with bright blue eyes and a head-cock (get your mind out of the gutter, Shirley).  

"God isn't on any flatbread."

There he stands, dead center of Bobby's best devils trap, shroud in navy slacks and decidedly sexy (on him at least) trench coat. There in that barn he says in his signature graveled tone, his most epic line. 

'I'm the one who gripped you tight, and raised you from perdition.' 

And we all swooned. 

His grand introduction leaves us with a flash of shadowed wings, and a cliffie to kill when he announces to Dean, after his insistent demands that he is, 'An Angel of the Lord.' 

Cue credits and epic fangirl freak out.  That episode brought in a whopping 4 million views. We were hooked on Castiel from the very beginning. 

 'Whats the matter Dean? Don't you think you deserve to be saved?'.  

 However, this is not the first time we hear of the ever mysterious Castiel. In Season 3, Episode #6, Red Sky At Morninghe is mentioned by Sam, when he recites the invocations over the grave of the sea captain ('Aziel, Castiel, Lemistiel'). Eh. Semantics. 

At first, Castiel comes of as stiff, uncomfortable in his borrowed skin.  He's awkward and socially inept in a way that seems both diskish and endearing.  Dean's first deduction of 'Holy Tax Accountant' is not so far off.  It's obvious that Castiel is unaccustomed to human interaction.  While it's hard to deduce the angel's age, it's safe to say he's old.  in 'On The Head Of A Pin' Uriel asks him "you do remember him?" in reference to Lucifer, so it's safe to assume Castiel isn't exactly a fledgling. 

"This isn't funny, Dean. The voice says I'm almost out of minutes."

We get a glimps at exactly how old he is in Season 4, Episode #2 'Are You There God, It's Me Dean Winchester', when he informs Dean that they (angels) were 'here walking among you now for the first time in 2,000 years.'

It's also explained that Castiel holds no real rank in heaven, that he's a foot soldier in Heaven's Army. But be that as it may, it's obvious that his skills are unpracticed.  He doesn't do well in battle, soldier or not. Anna is forced to save him against Alistair in the episode Heaven and Hell.  Again he is saved by Sam against Alistair in 'On A Head of a Pin,' only to be saved by Anna again, in the same Episode, against Uriel.  Poor Castiel, he just can't catch a break; the beginning of The Rapture shows him getting his angelic ass handed to him again by his brethren.  However, he proves himself and earns his Winchester-Wings, so to speak, in The Rapture, when he takes out two demons. 

It's then that Castiel gets a swing of things, brutally beating down two of Zachariah's winged henchmen in 'Sympthaty For the Devil'. If anything, Castiel is an inovative soldier, as proven in 'Abandon All Hope' when he uses Megs body as a fire-escape.  It's in that episode that he looks Lucifer in the face and doesn't blink, showing us just what a grade A bad-ass Castiel really is. While he doesn't have the power as many of the Angels portrayed on Supernatural, he's got the balls.  His passionate attitude serves him well, and with the Winchesters help, he learns to fight.  This comes in handy when his grace begins to fade, leaving him with only the protection his fists can offer. 

Castiel proves himself time and time again, never wavering in his faith in God, even when his faith in his brothers fades.  He believes God's word, even if it is his undoing, as he follows Dean, and Falls for what he believes his Father would believe to be right.  He becomes a person, outside of Jimmy Novak, his devout vessel. He learns pain, love, and hardship. He learns that Sam is not an abomination, and that Dean is confusing, that humans are dirty and strange, but God's most beautiful creation. He learns about liquor, and about sex (who didn't love the brothel scene? scared cas is adorable.)  Through every episode, Castiel becomes more than an Angel. 

In the Season Five Finale, Castiel dies (though it may not be the first time, since Raphael killed him for a hot minute).  Five minutes passed where fans puked their little broken hearts out at the sight of him going ka-boom at a click of Lucifer's fingers. 

But he comes back. revamped and more bad-ass than ever, promising us more Epic Castiel-moments to come.  He doesn't let us down either, if the steam, panty-dampening kiss with Meg is anything to go by.  I have confidence that this won't be the last Castiel Character Profile here, because Castiel just isn't done growing as a character. So now, all we have to do is watch. 

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