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Tuesday Interviews with Shirley007!

Hey, guys! Thumpa here. So it's time for our Tuesday Interviews and this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing our very own Shirley007!

There's a wide range of activities that group together to make the Supernatural fandom that we all bask in now. From roleplay, to video making, to blogging, to writing fiction based on Supernatural - Shirley is here to tell us all about her Supernatural based story.

Thumpa: Hey, so introduce yourself to us and tell us about your story.

Shirley007: Hi. Well, I'm Shirley007. I'm a twenty-six year old single mom. I live in Belgium and try to write amongst the insanity that's my life. I am completely obsessed by all things Supernatural, as well as angels. And I adore you girls!!

I have several stories for different fandoms, but my newest project is called 'Family Matters.' It's an all human SPN fic about the Mercer family. There are six kids, Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel, Anna and finally Castiel. The Mercers are a very religious family, fanatics even and have a very skewed view on the Bible. Their parents keep them hidden away from the world, forcing them to grow up together with only their siblings to reach out to. Violence is also a very common affair and Castiel unfortunately doesn't only have to suffer through his father's abuse, but the oldest brothers as well.

Michael, Raphael and Lucifer (who are the oldest) bully the two youngest (Anna and Castiel) while Gabriel idly stands by and watches. Gabriel has been attracted to Castiel for a long time, but has never done anything to interfere.
One morning, Castiel spots a boy standing just behind the barbed wire that divides their land from the one next to it. There hasn't lived anyone for years, and he's excited about making an actual friend.

The arrival of Dean will be the catalyst to many events, but the main story will be revolving around Gabriel and Castiel.

Thumpa: Gabriel/Castiel is a very interesting pairing. What inspired you to write it?

Shirley007: I'm a real angelh00r as of all of you probably know, and I had been working on this other Gabriel/Castiel fic (unposted), when I started thinking. What if they were human and Castiel was the victim of a nasty bully? But there are already so many stories about high school and such, so I knew I didn't want to write that. And then it came to me, just popped into my head like one of those songs in the morning that you just can't get out of your head. And I started writing.

Thumpa: What is your writing process? Do you write outlines or do the words and ideas just go on paper as they flow?

Shirley007: I have a general idea and some scenes that I can't get rid of, but I rarely write anything down for later, because as I write my idea usually twists and strays from the original and the outcome at times is entirely different than what I start out with.
I don't change anything either. As you read it, that's how it appeared in my head at the moment I was writing.

Thumpa: What gets things going, what gets you writing? Music, videos, the episodes?

Shirley007: Music mostly. I usually start writing first though and when I have pinned down the main emotion of the chapter, I start hunting for music that amplifies that. Because I write it better when I actually feel like the character does.

Thumpa: Do you think this story will be a long multi chapter or are you planning on making it a short one?

Shirley007: Definitely a long one. At the moment I thought of about fifteen, but my stories tend to grow longer than I intended. Hell, I've got a WIP that's 47 chapters now and it was supposed to be ten chapters tops.

Thumpa: Why both livejournal and fanfiction.net?

Shirley007: To be honest, LiveJournal is the place to go for good SPN fics. There are good ones on FFn too, but not as many. The ones I've read mostly come from LJ and so I posted mine there too. Why on FFnet? Because I posted most my stories there and have a decent amount of readers, whilst I'm new on LJ. I guess it's a security blanket, or something.

Thumpa: Is the Supernatural Fandom a bigger deal on Livejournal?

Shirley007: Yes, I believe so. There are more communities, contests and 'good' stories.

After this, I asked Shirley a couple of questions on her other activities concerning the Supernatural fandom!

Thumpa: Tell us briefly about other things that get you involved in the fandom; Roleplay, blogs, etc?

Shirley007: I have several RP accounts, such as Chuck, Castiel and Gabriel. And I'm active on this very blog.

Thumpa: What or who's the reason you got into video making/ role playing/ blogging?

Shirley007: Video Making: A friend of mine, Rosalynn, made me a video for one of my Twilight fics. I was curious about how she did it and she linked me to onetruemedia. I decided to try and found I really liked it. So I made more and more, and recently I even purchased a more decent program to edit. I only started making vids about four or five months ago, so I'm still learning.

Role Playing: Another friend of mine, KC, had a RP site, and they needed a Charlotte (Twilight). I was a little afraid about my skills at first, but wanted to try for her. I quickly got addicted to it, and kept joining site after site. I think I currently have about 9 accounts (Twilight, Supernatural and Rogues combined)

Blogging: That was kind of funny. Vicki and I were just goofing off on Twitter, talking about how we would run a blog if we could. Then the next thing I know, she's saying "Let's do it." and that was the start of my blogging dream/nightmare. I'm currently involved with nine blogs.

To wrap up this interview, I flung a few questions at her that are Supernatural related, but not necessarily to with her fic.

Thumpa: Who's your favourite non canon pairing (If it's Gabriel/Castiel, pick another) and why?

Shirley007: That's easy! Destiel! Or Dean and Cas, for those that are still a little green around the edges. Why? Have you seen the chemistry on screen? The eyefucking and the heavy breathing? It should be pretty obvious. And then there's the fact that they are both insanely hot!!

Thumpa: Which character of Supernatural can you relate to the most?

Shirley007: Tough one. I think I'm sort of a Dean and Sam combined, although I wished I could be more like Castiel.

Thumpa: Favourite Hunter, Demon, Angel, Lover (of Dean or Sam's) and why?

Shirley007: Hunter: Dean, because I love his attitude, his smirks, his determination and just everything else about his character. He's touch, but he's really sensitive on the inside. I love him!

Demon: Blonde Ruby. She was a cocky bitch most of the time, but I just loved her mannerisms. I thought the replacement of Ruby was for the worse, because Genevieve Corteze never pinned the character if you ask me.

Angel: Do you have to ask? Castiel of course!! He makes me swoon every single time. And when he cocks his head and gives you those puppy eyes...DAMN! But besides the baby blues, it's also just his character. The awkwardness, the confusion, his way of simplifying things in the most humorous way ever...It all makes his character completely adorable, no I mean perfect.

Lover: Sarah. I've always wanted Sam to go back to her some day. She was exactly what he needed, and despite that she was afraid, she faced her fears head on. She's a really remarkably sweet, strong and you gotta be honest, beautiful woman.

Thumpa: What's your favourite Season over all and favourite episode (which doesn't necessarily have to be in your favourite season)?

Shirley007: My favorite season is season five, which explains itself perfectly, since I'm an angel lover, and most of it revolves around the angels.
My favorite episode? That's a tough one, but I'm gonna go with Free To Be You and Me. So much Castiel it made me giddy like a schoolgirl.

Thumpa: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Shirley007: "Shirley, welcome home."

Thumpa: Anything else you want to add?

Shirley007: Try to comment or review as often as possible. Authors work hard to get their stories out there and every good review can lift their spirits like nothing else. So do it. *winks*

Follow the lovely Shirley by clicking here and check out her story, Family Matters, either on Livejournal or fanfiction.net. Wanna have a gander at her youtube videos and those in her list of favourites? Click here to have a look at her youtube page!

And I leave you with an epic pimping of our Shirley.

Thumpa, out! ;)

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