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Character Profile: Jo

Name: Joanna Beth Harvelle

Actor: Alona Tal

First Appearance: Everybody loves a Clown (season two)

Last Appearance: Abandon all Hope (season five)

Number of Episodes: 5

Species: Human (hunter)

Powers: Fighting skills that come with being a hunter.

Bio: Born on April 7, 1983, Jo is the daughter and only child of Ellen and William Harvelle.

Her father was a fellow hunter and friend of John Winchester, but got killed during the hunt on some demon spawn. Although Evil!Sam later discloses that John killed her father to put him out of his misery.

Alongside her mother, Jo runs the Roadhouse, a bar often frequented by hunters. The first meeting with the Winchesters however, doesn't run as smoothly as expected. Jo believes them to be burglars and sneaks up on Dean, pressing a shotgun into his back, while Ellen does the same to Sam.

 "Most hunters come through that door think they can get in my pants with some... pizza, a six pack, and side one of Zeppelin IV."

When her mother recognizes the names, the hostility disappears and the mood gets lighter instantly. While Ash is looking into things for the Winchesters concerning the yellow-eyed demon and Sam is momentarily distracted by Ellen, Dean and Jo talk. She flirts with him at first, and Dean nearly reacts, but he stops himself in time, saying it's the wrong time, wrong place.

Jo believes him to be different from other hunters, because he didn't feed her some stupid pick-up line. If only she knew.

"Well... what a bunch of scumbags." 

At the end of 'Everybody loves a Clown', Jo expresses her interest in Dean by practically saying she wants to see him again. Still Dean doesn't respond to her advances, since it's still the wrong place, wrong time.

We see Jo again in 'Simon Said' where she wins some guy's room money by hitting every target on the arcade game and doesn't mind in the least. She tries to flirt with Dean again, when all he wants it to talk to Ash as soon as possible.

Later on, Jo puts on REO Speedwagon's 'Can't fight this feeling'. A song Dean doesn't feel too excited about.

JO: What?
DEAN: REO Speedwagon?
JO: Damn right REO. Kevin Cronin sings it from the heart.
DEAN: He sings it from the hair. There's a difference.

Jo tries to offer her help in the demon-case, but gets shot down instantly by Dean who claims it's a family thing. And then we finally know why Dean has brushed her off so far. He's afraid of her mother.
Her mother also keeps her in the dark about the demon, sending her to grab beer while interrogating the boys.

Jo is eager to become a real hunter like her father was, as we see in 'No Exit'. After a fight with her mom about hunting, she hands her case over to Sam and Dean, but Jo's got something up her sleeve.
She follows them anyway, pretending to be Dean's girlfriend and trying to get answers from the hotel manager by feigning interest in the apartments.

Once they've rented it, Jo shows her skills in researching and twirling a certain knife. Dean makes fun of it, but it belonged to her father and means the world to her. Dean lies for her to Ellen, but doesn't feel comfortable doing it. Jo however, relishes in the chance to prove herself. She's doing very well, until she gets separated from Dean in the narrow corridors within the walls.

"It's just if you're gonna ride me this close it's only decent you buy me dinner."

Captured by H.Holmes himself, Jo wakes up in a small tin coffin-like space with a narrow slit through which she can see. Despite her own panic, she tries to console the other victim by talking about being rescued.
Despite being fondled by a creepy serial killer's ghost, she stays strong and reacts in the way a hunter would, stabbing the damn thing.

"How do you like that? Pure iron, you creepy-ass son of a bitch!" 

Even after being released by Dean and Sam, she proves how brave she is, by baiting the ghost. They trap him in a circle of salt and cement the sewer entrance,. And with that, Jo's case is over and it's time to face Mommy Dearest. 

Jo learns the truth about John being responsible for her father's death from Ellen (not the full truth) and despite that she knows it's not the boys' fault, she can't help but be angry at them. 

Jo goes off to to be her own person/hunter and ends up in Duluth, Minnesota. That's where a possessed Sam finds her. He plays in on her infatuation with Dean and taunts her with the death of her father. Tied up and gagged, she's finally freed when Dean arrives. Worried, she goes looking for him since he chased after Evil!Sam and there have been gunshots which she most likely didn't miss.

Jo finds Dean by smartly using her cell and patches him up, sounding slightly saddened when he leaves and she mumbles to herself how he will not call her.

We don't see Jo for a while after that (two whole seasons to be exact) until she shows up again in 'Good God, y'all'. Her mother had gotten a call from Rufus and seeing as how Ellen and Jo had been hunting together for a while, they headed down there to find a demon-infested town. They got separated and with War's influence, when they meet up again believe the other to be a demon.

Jo's fighting alongside Rufus and they capture Sam. They perform an exorcism that doesn't work and we can tell from Jo's words about how he's unlike any other demon that she has gotten a lot more experienced than before.

We see her loving and compassionate side again when Rufus makes bombs and places them at the window. She's instantly worried for her mom, whether the woman's a demon or not.
Listening to reason, or her alleged possessed mother, the spell is broken easily and they stop the fighting.

"No. Sweetheart, if this is our last night on earth, then I'm going to spend it with a little thing I call self-respect."

The last time we see Jo is during the episode 'Abandon all Hope'. Jo-lovers nearly peed their pants when it looked as if Jo and Dean were finally going to kiss in the kitchen on what was believed to be their last night on earth. Of course, Jo didn't bite.

Bobby takes a picture to remember his friends by, although no one is really in the mood for it.

The next day, Jo gets injured almost instantly by a hellhound. They hide in a hardware store, where Dean and Sam make salt bombs and Jo draws nearer to her final hour. It's bittersweet and had Jo-fans screaming and kicking everywhere.

She kisses Dean and bravely faces what lies ahead, choosing to go down kicking by offering the boys a get-away. Ellen stays with her and holds her in her last minutes, until the life disappears from her and Ellen is left to blow up the store.

That concludes our Character Profile for Jo. Check out the video about Jo and Ellen.

And now I'm gonna curl up with my blanket and cry a little. I miss Jo.

Until next time.

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