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Tuesday Interviews with Tessa_SPN!

So this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing a unique role-player who definitely grabs my attention whenever she role-plays due to her originality and skill with words. I thought that this week, it'd be nice to share with you all why I absolutely adore her. I'll stop babbling and allow her to charm you herself...

Thumpa: Hey! Introduce yourself to us so everyone knows who you are.

Tessa: Salutations, my name is Tessa and I am an angel of the Lord. You can follow my adventures on twitter under the name @Tessa_SPN.

Thumpa: So, from reaper to angel. How did that come about?

Tessa: A long story, that, but I will try to keep it short. I found myself caught in the middle of a play for power between the Horseman I served for thousands of years, Death, and the angels and humans I had grown to love. I know, Reapers are not supposed to feel emotions, but I did, and in order to protect those I cared for I offered myself up in service of Father in exchange. Apparently, He thought I had potential and He accepted my offer. I died in the fight, but I was reborn in Heaven. Coming awake to find myself in the Garden with Joshua looming over me, telling me I had a new purpose and taking me through a form of angelic boot camp. Since then I have been fighting in the war and doing my best to accomplish the tasks I am given.

Thumpa: Now you're an angel, what's your role up above?

Tessa: I am the replacement for the fallen angel Metatron, the Voice of God. It is a bit like being Father's Personal Assistant. It is my job to hear His commands and ensure that His will is done, but as He does not speak much anymore, I am more often required to settle squabbles in the family. And in our family, there are always squabbles. I hear the constant flow of conversation of all angels, and when they are in trouble, I am there. But that does not mean that I do not interact with the humans. Quite often I find myself protecting those special individuals who help us in the fight against demons and evil. The Winchesters in particular.

Thumpa: This angelic civil war... Could you tell us who's on your side and who's not?

Tessa: I am heavily aligned with @LuciferDSM, @Trickster_Gabe, @Castiel_Warrior and @RealMetatron, who has recently resurfaced now that Heaven is being reopened to the fallen by @Michael_DSM. Though I cannot claim a loving relationship between Michael and myself. We tolerate one another. That is all. As for those who are against us, there are many nameless angels who fight for supremacy, though their numbers are waning. Right now, our biggest threat comes from @Anturiel. He has amassed many followers and he has made it his personal mission to destroy Gabriel, Lucifer and myself, but he will not succeed.

Thumpa: How's the war going for you? Good, bad, ugly?

Tessa: It has elements of them all. I think the ugliest incident has been the slaughter of the fledglings. Many were lost that day, but I managed to save quite a few. The good, Lucifer and Gabriel have been readmitted to Heaven at their previous rank at last. The bad, the continual loss of our brothers and sisters. For too long there has been bloodshed in Heaven and it must stop. I truly believe Father will not return until we remember why we were created and end these foolish battles. All families have their issues, but we seem to take this to epic levels.

After the lovely chat with the wonderful character, we flipped a switch and had a nice chat with the brains behind the character...

Thumpa: Hey, so turning Tessa from a reaper to and angel is a very unique idea. What made you make it happen?

Tessa: Honestly, it just made sense. As a Reaper she was limited to a certain role, but the people I interacted with, the storylines that kept coming up, were such fun that I wanted to be able to play a bigger part. When Death decided to try and take on Lucifer to win his freedom, it provided that opportunity. Tess had always been close to Gabriel, and by extension, Lucifer, as an angel she could truly share in their adventures and help them fight against the forces of evil.

Thumpa: I can imagine that this would bring up some interesting storylines. Can you tell us what's potentially in store for your character and those you RP with?

Tessa: Well, right now Tess is training with Metatron, finally learning the extent of her powers as the Voice, something she hasn't been able to do because it's been one fight after the next. She's been through a lot in her six months as an angel. Especially the Anturiel story line. That was her first "romance", though it was much more about control than love. He basically kidnapped her and got her addicted to angel blood, something she still struggles with, (if you've been following us, you'll know that she and Gabriel are now sharing blood as well to increase their power base for an upcoming battle,) and for a while she was really walking the path of the dark side. It's left a mark on her and there will be more of that darkness explored in the future. And of course the whole Anturiel story line is still going on. There will be a major confrontation in the future for him, with Lucifer and Gabriel playing a big part as well. Not to mention the connection she shares with Metatron. As dual powers they find themselves like two sides of a coin and there could be a future relationship brewing there. We'll have to see where it goes. As it stands now, she is doing what she can to help him fight his inner demons and find his way back to grace. Which is really her true purpose. She's trying to bring balance back to Heaven, and to do that, she needs the major players to accept their God-given roles.

Thumpa: Where do you get these storyline ideas?

Tessa: I have a very active imagination and I like to keep things flowing. Sometimes I get these really crazy ideas, but luckily I have people around me who can reign me in. I love drama and high suspense, and often, one story line will flow into another. @Trickster_Gabe and myself have these terrific late night conversations where we just start rambling about our interpretations of why our characters behave in a certain way or think a certain thing, and then ideas for where we could go next just start to flow. Sometimes we just start playing and it all begins to move in a certain direction. Part of what I love about our role play is that we just let the characters take control and lead us along. We're all so close, IC and OOC, that there are these bonds that I think really come across in our role play, and it is usually in protection of these bonds that the story lines develop.

Thumpa: Onto a slightly different subject, how long have you been RPing and what got you into it?

Tessa: I've only been RPing for about seven months. I'm a writer and artist by profession, and I was having a hard time with a project I was working on when I stumbled upon some people role playing on Twitter as Sam and Dean from Supernatural. I love the show and these guys were doing such a great job, so I followed them from my RL account. Of course, following them I was led to other role players and one night I found @LuciferDSM and @Trickster_Gabe having one of their cute little bantery conversations. I was hooked. For a month I just watched, and then one day I went to Dark Side of the Moon and joined up. I figured, heck, I'll give it a shot, and it was so much fun. I picked Tessa because she was one of the few female roles still available there that interested me. I always liked her in the show and thought there was a lot more to her than what we saw. And of course, the rest is history. So, in short, it's all Gabe and Lucy's fault.

Thumpa: Is twitter the only place you currently RP in?

Tessa: Yes. I have a Facebook account, but I really don't use it. I like the real time interaction of Twitter. The way you can play off one another and how sharp it keeps your mind. You never know what might get thrown at you there, so you really have to be on your toes.

As always, I had to ask random questions, right? As I do every person I interview. So, here we go!

Thumpa: Who's your favourite non canon pairing and why?

Tessa: I'm sure this will come as no surprise, but: Lucifer and Gabriel! Come on, those two are my boys. Whether they are being playful and bickering like an old married couple or fighting together against whatever threat happens to be coming at them, I just love the way they interact.

Thumpa: Which character of Supernatural can you relate to the most?

Tessa: Crowley. I love a nice glass of Scotch and can't stand morons. *laughing*

Thumpa: Favourite Hunter, Demon, Angel, Lover (of Dean or Sam's) and why?

Tessa: As far as the boys' lovers go, I have always liked Jo and Dean. There was such potential for true partnership there, and the way she went toe to toe with him always made me respect her moxie. Dean needs someone who won't put up with his crap and as a fellow hunter there was no need to hide anything from her. I was really sad to see her die. For Sam, it has to be Ruby. As sick and twisted as their relationship was, it was hot, and I think there was more there than either of them wanted to admit. There were moments where it was almost sweet.

Thumpa: What's your favourite Season over all and favourite episode (which doesn't necessarily have to be in your favourite season)?

Tessa: I'd have to say my favorite season would be 4, because it really brings the whole big picture together for the boys. Everything they've been through leads to this point, culminating in Lucifer's release. My favorite episode use to be The End. The thought of Castiel having orgies. It was great. And I love that whole look at the future concept. But then Caged Heat came out and nothing can top the Pizza Man. Of course, I also have a great deal of anger about this episode as well because they killed off Crowley. Big mistake in my opinion, but they don't ask me what I think before they write them. Morons! By the way, my least favorite episode is Hammer of the Gods, because they killed off my Gabriel.

Thumpa: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Tessa: Over there is the bar, and right through that door is the harem. Have a good time!

Thumpa: Anything else you want to add?

Tessa: Kripke: Bring back Gabriel and Crowley or I will cut out your heart with a spork!

I have to say, reading her responses to my questions had me laughing. Show your love and follow her by clicking here. Make sure to follow her pals on twitter, too! (@LuciferDSM, @Trickster_Gabe, @Castiel_Warrior, @Anturiel and @RealMetatron)
That's it from me. See you next Tuesday.

Thumpa, out! ;)

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