Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rising Con Report!

Saturday morning, 9 AM:

The day started out slowly with a bit of a delay, but being major Supernatural fans, no one cared waiting a little longer as long as we got to see the wonderful actors we headed South for.
Eva and Krista, the two hosts, put on a great show, telling us exactly what to do when meeting the stars -and what not to do, which included the major fangirlish freak-out.

According to schedule Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard would have taken the stage next, but due to some unknown circumstances, Mark wasn't joining the panel. Poor Misha was left alone to start the con at a rather awkward pace. People were either not awake yet, or just too shy to ask questions, so the first panel passed slowly. Of course, it being Misha on stage, I didn't care. As long as I got to look at him, I was happy.

Next up was Sebastian Roché. Seeing as how I ran out the panel room after Misha's panel for a picture with Matt, I only caught the last half of Seb's panel, but it was great. Sebastian really got the crowd going, training them on how to do a Guapo shout-out from left to right and you could really tell, he enjoyed the hell out of it. Sebastian was funny, energetic and open as no one else. The crowd hung on his every word and laughed every other minute with his silly ways. My love for Seb grew immensely during this panel.

Meeting Matt for a picture was a wonderful experience too. He was very sweet and although, I've got some years on him, I found myself swooning over the young stud-muffin.
Now, I got to warn you; I have the most horrible scanner in the history of scanners, but I'll try to make the pics as good quality as possible.

Matt had barely started his panel, when I left for a picture with Mark Sheppard. I still caught most of the panel though, for which I'm glad. Even though Matt has played a minor role in Supernatural, he still manages to keep the people on the edge of their seat with the things he does tell. One of the most frequently touched subjects being his role as a cowgirl. Matt claimed he would take any role, as long as he could do his job (acting). He feels blessed and although he said so much more, the fact that he openly shares that he wishes for humanity to get in a better place than they are now; achieving peace and living in better circumstances, made me love the guy even more.

During the photo shoot with Mark, I missed some things, but to have a Crowley face on photo was worth it. He was a very polite little Brit, who thanked me for the picture and even made me laugh when he warned me about the staff rummaging through my bag in meantime. He's great.

There was a long break where you could go to the photo ops of Sebastian and Misha, or meet Matt and Mark. Or to just eat lunch. I headed upstairs for a picture with Seb, who is just as down-to-earth and funny in real life as on stage. He instantly set my mind at ease when I appeared jittery, and I'm really grateful. I arrived a little late and normally, his photo op was over, but he still let the photographer take it.
At that moment, I officially fell a little in love with the French party-pants.

(Regrettably, my scanner wouldn't show anything when I tried putting the picture on my computer and you can see a black smudge any day)

After the lunch break, where I had to drop off someone at the hotel because he had gotten sick, I entered the panel room five minutes late for Misha's panel. He didn't give me a hard time, thankfully, because the next one to arrive late got called out on it. This time, Mark Sheppard was on stage as well and those two gave one hell of a panel.

I laughed, tears running down my face from how funny that combo is. Mark would go into the crowd, giving shy people the opportunity to ask their questions, while the two M's bantered back and forth.
I even got to ask my question, which went a little like this; "If you could co-write season 7, what role would Crowley play considering Castiel claimed him to be useful?"
Misha's answer made me step back from the mic instantly so my laughter wouldn't ring out throughout the whole damn room, because he thought Mark'd do a good job playing a Mrs. Doubtfire character, so Crowley should appear in drag during season 7.

After the panel, it was time for the autographs. The queue was long and even with Gold Passes, we had to wait for hours, but it was definitely worth it.

Mark Pellegrino wasn't present yet, but there was enough eye-candy to keep anyone happy.
And while waiting, I met an amazing person with whom I'm going to the now, so I can't complain.

I was worried about freezing up, because I tend to do that a lot, but to my surprise I managed rather well (except when I was in front of Misha, but we'll get to that part soon)

Mark was polite and verbose; we even had a short conversation about the health of my family, where he claimed it was probably food poisoning and I should provide them with water and then leave their asses to die to protect myself. If I felt any sickness coming up, I should drink a lot to avoid dehydration. I wanted to laugh and kiss him at the same time, for his concern and that wonderful British dry humor he injects at the most random moments.

And then there was Misha, who made me spell out all the names who he had to sign for and I could barely talk! He overwhelms me, and although I know he's just a person, I couldn't ramble like I usually do. I even misspelled my friend's name at first, but corrected quickly before he could write it down. That's how much the man affects me.

The third one up was Matt Cohen, who left me standing awkwardly in front of his table while he was out hugging people. The guy is just too adorable for words. He got a DVD from a bunch of Belgians and went to show it to Misha, who sarcastically said something rather disrespectful about Belgians. Being one myself, the first thing out of my mouth was "What's wrong with Belgians?" as soon as Matt sat down in front of me.

He laughed it off and said Misha didn't know any better, then he signed everything, made polite conversation before making my brain melt with a "Hug it out."
On cue, my usually word vomit took over and after hugging him tight, I said "You are so sweet. Really adorable." He grinned back at me and sat down for the next person to sign, while I pranced off to Sebastian's queue.

Sebastian had a personal assistant with him, who talked partly French and partly English to me, not that I bother but I prefer English. I talked to Seb about my son a little. He asked me where I was from and complimented me on my English. I think he was a little jealous that I talk it better than him. (Not true!)

I left the con in a fog after that and excited for the next day.

On Sunday, the long drive there proved to have its toll as I got out of bed too late and missed half of Misha and Sebastian's panel. Sebastian's training proved to be helpful as he made us all shout out their new found nicknames, which to date, I still don't know what they mean.

And then it was time for the debate between Heaven and Hell, where Mark Pellegrino made his first appearance. Sebastian and Misha were singing and acting foolish per usual, when the others arrived. Mark Sheppard asked what the fuck they were doing and it wound down a little then. I probably would ask the same if I saw Misha standing there belting out opera sounding songs with a t-shirt on his head, looking a little like the Karate Kid, and Sebastian like a waitress, singing in a soft subdued tone behind Misha. It was freaking hilarious.

A couple of other shout-outs were created for them; Pellegrino being Sexy and Sheppard, not wanting a name, went with the next: "Innie Minnie Minie Moe"
Most questions were unsurprisingly for Mark Pellegrino, but not all of them. There was a question about God-offs, who would win if Luci and Crowley got in a fight, etc. Then there was one where a girl wanted them to act as other characters, but she changed her mind on who to play what and which scene several times, confusing them and leading to getting fired as temporary producer.

In the afternoon, there was another Matt panel and it was amazing! His love for sugary things took over as he gushed openly about creamy crisp donuts and other sugary things, half of Europeans don't know the first thing about. He did his infamous Jared and Jensen imitations, and played a scene as Dean with the girl who asked for it as his opposite Sam. There were some more Cowgirl questions and then he told us about his lucky break that started his carreer, while still reminding college-students not to drop out. His was a success-story, but more often it doesn't turn out that way.

My favorite part about the panel was his spider story, that had me slapping my knees from laughing too damn hard. Matt really closed his panel perfectly.

And then all I wanted was a picture with Misha. I had tried a couple of times the day before, but my nerves kept getting in the way and I left the line each time I got close. This time, I took my new friend with me to keep me busy and managed to actually get the pics taken. One with him alone and one with her in the pic as well. I didn't know what to say or anything, the only thing coming out of my mouth being "We got one more, a double with my friend."

I felt and probably looked like an idiot. First, when he took a hold of me for the single picture, my cheek rubbed against his sweater from the sudden increase in pressure and I froze instantly after that, standing rigidly next to him. When Gabriella appeared for the second picture, I relaxed a little. There's no doubt, the difference is noticable in the pictures.

Since the photo shoot was running late, we headed outside, because the panel was delayed too. We kept waiting for announcements, even going inside once to ask when the panel would start, but never getting a straight answer. That's how we ended up missing Misha's final panel entirely. (still heartbroken)

Mark's panel was more serious than anything so far, but he closed off with a speech that made me fall head over heels for the guy. He said that we were responsible for him having a job and how grateful he is. Then he continued to say how much our voice matters and to never stop speaking, whether through fanfiction, polls, or just making our opinions known publicly. He's such a noble man. He deserves more love than most credit him with.

The group photo's was the last step, before the convention closed and so I headed up again after wiping away tears from Mark's speech, which ended with a standing ovation.
I was a little distracted by my friend's phone, because she was showing me all these pictures of the Moose, when I got called in. Matt took my schedule out of my hand and flung it across the room, before they all moved closer. I ordered them a little, saying, "No lifting, please." because I had seen several of the previous girls being lifted and I didn't like the idea. In fact, I practically shouted it at Misha in my nervousness. (hides)

He was cool about it though, just repeating my statement and assuming another position, which included his hand on my shoulder. Mark mentioned something about having all these sweaty men on me, and I just grinned weakly, thinking about a Moose picture on my friend's phone.

I do like how the picture turned out though, even if I was less than my behaved, polite self. (still feels shitty about that)

And then it was the closing. I was already thinking about going to a next con, when someone suddenly mentioned my name. I got up from my seat and just stood there, wondering what the fuck was going on. So I gaze around at the people sitting around me, when the guy next to me says "Get on stage." I had just won the video contest and was in such a daze as I made my way passed people's legs and feet, trying to get to the aisle. When I was there, Mark Pellegrino was already standing there. He held out his hand for me to take and what do I do? I stare at it like a complete dumbass. Then something clicked in my head and I shake his hand to which he leans in to give me a kiss. I might have even closed my eyes during (I lingered) and I was shaking like crazy. When he pulled back, he gave me my prize and I just kept looking at him with owl-eyes, still wondering what the fuck is going on.

Only after he turned back to head up stage again, did realization struck me and the silliest little grin ever spread across my face as I walked back to my seat.
It was amazing! I might not have gotten a picture with him (which I regret now) but I did get a kiss. Even better.

And that was my first ever con experience!!!
I hope you enjoyed reading this.

See you soon.

Shirley out!

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