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Character Profile : Bobby Singer

Actor: Jim Beaver
Character: Robert "Bobby" Stephen Singer
First Appearance: 'Devils Trap' May, 2006
Last Appearance: 'Like a Virgin' Feburary, 2011 (character ongoing) 
Number of Episodes: 39
Powers/Abilities: Bobby has proven invaluable time and time again with his seemingly endless knowledge on just about everything.  He's known to have an innumerable amount of books and contacts. He also man's an impressive number of fake phone lines ranging from U.S. Marshals to FBI. And on top of all of that, he's also a mechanic.
Deaths: One, Season Five Finale, Swan Song, resurrected same episode. 


Bobby came into the game in the finale of season one, during the exorcism of Meg Masters.  It's mentioned that he's a friend of John Winchester. And though their friendship could be considered rocky at best, it's Bobby that John calls for aid in 'My Time Of Dying'. 

Bobby's character has grown over the years of Supernatural from that of being just a well-informed hunter/friend, to the rarity that is Winchester Family.  No matter what the problem, Bobby always has the Winchesters back.  When John dies, it's easy to see that even without words, he becomes the boys surrogate father; the man they turn to when they need help.  It's Bobby who Dean turns to after his resurrection. He even over looks the fact that Sam (though possessed) killed another hunter.  He protects them while they protect every one else. 

"Storm is coming, and you boys and your Daddy you are smack in the middle of it."

Though it is rare that we see Bobby actively hunting, he proves his worth in every episode he graces.  Bobby is seemingly there for every body whether it be the Winchesters, Harvelles, or even occasionally Rufus.  In Tall Tales (2x15) it's Bobby who realizes the Trickster for what he is (what he is at the moment, anyway), and it's Bobby who in 'All Heal Breaks Loose' (part one) who deduces where Sam's been sequestered away. He's there to help Sam take care of the ghost in "Yellow Fever" to save Dean. He saves them both from the Siren in "Sex and Violence". It's Bobby who shelters Sam through his detox, or rather, detoxes.   No matter what the job, Bobby is never without a plan, a back up plan, and various useful weapons.  

"I was born at night, but I wasn't born LAST night."

Though little is said on the matter, it is known that Bobby wasn't always the rugged bachelor he plays.  His wife, Karen, is what brought him into the business when he was possessed, and ultimately killed by a Demon. We see his wife again, in episode 15 of season 5, 'Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid', when she rises from her grave.  In another heartbreaking moment of Supernatural, Bobby is forced to kill his not-quite-right wife all over, proving his devotion to not only to her, but to Hunting as well.  

Karen Singer is the only family of Bobby's mentioned on the show, but to quote Bobby himself, 'family doesn't end with blood' (or marriage).  His family is made up of a motley crew including hunters and angels alike.  

Though season six did bring one woman of interest in 'Weekend At Bobby's' she doesn't quite have thick enough skin to handle Bobby's life.  But we're all holding out hope he'll find some one.  I mean, it's kind of a tragedy that the only action Bobby has seen on Supernatural was from Crowley. 

"No one kills in my house but me." 

In season five we see just how tough Bobby is, when he throws off a demonic possession long enough to stab himself.  The result is paralysis, but the fact of the matter is that Bobby had done something no one had thought possible.  He handles his wheel-chair bound fate as is to be expected; bitterly.  No man wants to feel useless, especially with the pending apocolypse, but even without legs, Bobby is indispensable.  Angered though he is at his handicap, it does not stop him from fighting. 

The use of his legs are returned but at the price of his soul, as all things seem to be in Supernatural.  Again, in season six, we see just how bad ass Bobby is when he takes on Crowley himself in a battle for his soul. Sam and Dean are given a chance to pay Bobby for his never ending, never failing aid. 

 It's in this Episode, 'Weekend At Bobby's' that we also see just how invaluable Bobby is.  His job is never ending, and he gives it all.  We might see Sam and Dean as the Hunters of Supernatural, but Bobby is the Ultimate Hunter, with a finger in every pot.  It's been proven, in every episode he's graced, that there is nothing he can't do.  

Bobby is kind of the unsung hero of Supernatural.  He plays savoir to everyone.

Now, no mocking me for my huge and obvious girl-boner for Bobby Singer. Even if it's so huge it's transfered over to Jim Beaver himself. I really have to stop leaving the man inappropriate tweets. 

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