Friday, June 17, 2011

Interview with LightNeverFades

LightNeverFades is a name that rings a bell to most of vidders. She has become somewhat of a legend with the wonderful gems she puts out there. But still LightNeverFades, or Anna, hasn't let it go to her head. She's a wonderful, caring person and I can't say I'll ever regret talking to her. She's simply marvelous!

I managed to get an interview out of her, and I can't wait to share it. So...I hope you guys enjoy it!

Shirley: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Anna: Hmm, well my name’s Anna, I’m 20 yrs old. Obsessively fangirling about SPN and X-Men: First Class at the moment. And attempting to make Apple apps, lol. Which isn’t working out too well, ahaha~

Shirley: How did you stumble into the Supernatural fandom?

Anna: I was bored one summer and decided I’ll have a go at watching Season 4 of Supernatural after hearing that angels make an appearance in the show. (I did watch Season 1 but the pilot didn’t rear me in as much as I had hoped, lol. xP)

Shirley: What about the fandom appeals to you?

Anna: SLASH! XD (GPOY SMILE) And the angst, bromance, fics, just about everything really~

Shirley: Why did you start making vids?

Anna: It was and still is one way for me to express my love for the fandom and kind of let out my emotions about life really. Usually when I vid I’m somehow influenced by the everyday events of my life! :P

Shirley: What do you like about vidding?

Anna: I can create anything and nothing can stop me, mwahahaha~! xD

Shirley: Did you ever expect to become this successful?

Anna: I don’t consider myself successful. I consider myself to be really honored that someone has actually watched my videos and liked it! *_* I still can’t believe it!

Shirley: Are you involved with other aspects within the fandom? Fanfiction, blogging, or others?

Anna: Hmm, well, I do make fan art! I have a few fanfics but they’re not that good, lol. :P You can check me out at Elwyndra on if you’re interested! I wrote one Castiel/Lucifer a very long time ago! *blushes and hides* XD

Shirley: What do you like about it?

Anna: It’s similar to vidding - letting out the love you have for the fandom is the main part of making something for the fandom, whether it be fan art, fan fic or fanvids! ^^

Shirley: Who’s your favorite pairing and why?

Anna: Oh my gosh, thats a very hard question! I pretty much ship everyone! Dean/Cas is my OTP, but I love Wincest, Balthie/Sam, Sassy, Balthie/Cas, Cas/Crowley~ <3! Dean/Cas cause their love is angsty/tender at the same time, Wincest cause these boys care so much that they’re always close to kissing, Balthie/Sam and Balthie/Cas cause Balthie’s 100% slash material. Oh and Crowley too! <3 Crowley/Cas is hawt cause of the demon/angel forbidden love thing! :P

Shirley: Which character of Supernatural can you relate to the most?

Anna: Castiel and Dean, I think! :P

Shirley: Who’s your favorite hunter and why?

Anna: I’m a Dean girl, but sometimes I like Sam cause he (most of the time anyways) understands Cas better.

Shirley: Who’s your favorite demon and why?

Anna: Oh man that’s a tough one! I love Meg 2.0! :P She’s badass!

Shirley: Who’s your favorite angel and why?

Anna: Cas cause he has a pure heart - or at least he did until he consumed all those souls for himself. :’( *cries*

Shirley: Who’s your favorite lover and why?

Anna: Lover as in a heterosexual pairing? Hmm.. Ruby? LOL~ I liked Sam/Ruby, even though Ruby was deceiving Sam in the end. Somehow it looked like she cared for Sam somewhat at times. She actually set Lucifer free cause she thought her new Master was going to reward them for freeing him.

Shirley: Who’s your favorite child and why?

Anna: CHILD? O_o Bobby John! Cause he’s adoraaaable! x)

Shirley: Which is your all time favorite season?

Anna: Season 4! :D

Shirley: Which is your all time favorite episode?

Anna: The Rapture

Shirley: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the gate?

Anna: “What took you so long? :P You’re late for the family party, dude”

Shirley: Is there anything specific you still want to add?

Anna: Thank you for asking these questions! xD *grins & hugs you* <3333

Shirley: And finally, is there anything you would like to share with your fans?

Anna: I’m greatly humbled by everyone’s comments and I want to thank every one for watching my videos. Everyone’s comments pretty much always makes me smile! <3 XD

Oh my Cas, isn't she just the greatest? I freaking love her! *flails*

Well, now that you've read how truly amazing LightNeverFades is, I hope you'll go check out more of her work on her YouTube page or her Fanfiction account.
Have fun!!!

Shirley Out!

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