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Tuesday Interviews with Mandy!

Hey, guys! It's wonderful and Tuesday like again. Yay! So this week, I have the pleasure of presenting to you my interview with Mandy aka @Falling_Dominos about her story, "From Duluth to Cold Oaks". She is again, a Supernatural Fic writer.

Thumpa: Tell us about your story.

Mandy: Okay... Umm, we'll pick from Duluth to Cold Oak. It's the interim between Season 2, Episode 10 and 21. It's about how Ava and Jo meet. Ava doesn't kill her husband, she comes back and her husband was already dead, killed by Azazel (in my opinion, that's how it went down) and Ava runs off to her sisters... and has more visions about Jo getting killed by Azazel. Really, I'm not going to be able to do it justice here. [Click here for the story] Have fun with it. ^.^ It's a story about two women in Supernatural who never got to meet in canon, meeting and kicking some ass.

Thumpa: What inspired you to write this story?

Mandy: What inspired me to write this was my artist. This particular fic was part of the spn_reversebang challenge where you are given art, then you write a fic based on that art. ^.^ As for the plot inspiration? I wanted something that could fit into canon, but we never got to hear about it. We have "Born Under A Bad Sign" tossed in there, as well as Ava being taken to Cold Oak where she then becomes evil and dies. So it "could" have happened. I like fic like that.

Thumpa: What is your writing process? do you write the outlines or do the words and ideas just go on paper as they flow?

Mandy: I write what I feel like writing, really. If I feel I need an outline, I write that, but usually I don't. I just go with it until I can't anymore. Then I find a way to stop it. Or I leave it... Lol, I tend to write more of a snapshot fic than a full story. I write for fun, and beginnings, middles and ends kinda stress me out. So I don't worry about them, much. This fic in particular, I had an outline for because I had a word count minimum I had to it. (5K, it ended up being 10K). Usually, I don't, though. ^.^

Thumpa: What motivates you to come up with the story lines within your story?

Mandy: PROMPTS! For me, motivation comes from prompts. I'll see something and be inspired to write and I can turn out a thousand words in an hour or two on a good day. If the prompt is hard, I usually don't write it. I have to be really struck to write. My muse is very fickle and temperamental. Now for the little twist and turns... either an idea will hit me, or I'll be talking to someone about the story, or reading something else somewhere ... and BAM, idea.

Thumpa: Do you think you'll write much more for this story or is it coming to a conclusion?

Mandy: I'm more than likely done with that pairing, since the story is technically finished. At least in that particular form. I may write them again, but it'll probably be either a small scene from that story, or perhaps just another ficlet with that pairing.

Thumpa: Why livejournal and not a site like fanfiction.net?

Mandy: I like Livejournal better, you can make it look pretty, and I've found most of my favorite fan fiction authors have been on LJ and no where else. Also that was where I started posting my really really old harry potter drabbles back when I was in high school. I haven't found a whole lot of community on fanfiction.net but there's a whole comment back and getting to know other authors on LJ, which is something I really like. And I like journals/blogs a bunch anyway.

Thumpa: Who's your favourite non-canon pairing and why?

Mandy: ...LMAO...wow. Umm, I'll put it this way. None of the 'canon' parings are in my top...five? Probably my top ten. Hell most of the 'fanon' pairings aren't in my top five. I'm a lover of rare things and dark things, so... I don't ship the way most people do. My favorite, happens to be Dean/Alistair...Next in no particular order are: Luci/Adam, Gabriel/Jo, Lucifer/Sam, Lucifer/Michael, Luci/Jo, Alistiar/Ruby I like monsters. A more tame one might be Ava/Sam. Azazel/Lilith, Lilith/Alistair....Yeah, Dean/Ali is my fave aside from Luci/Adam, tho it's quickly tied with Luci/Jo(and Gabe/Jo) for how much I love it.

Thumpa: Which character of Supernatural can you relate to the most?

Mandy: Oh, who do I relate to? Uhh...I don't know. You'd have to ask other people that, cause with how often I roleplay some of them, I feel like we're pretty good friends. If I had to pick I'd say Alistair. You don't really wanna know why, but I can appreciate his sole-devotion to his art.

Thumpa: Favourite Hunter, Demon, Angel, Lovers (of Dean or Sam's) and why?

Mandy: Favorite Hunter: Uh....hm....I like John. He was super-dedicated, and amazing at what he did, even if it left a lot to be desired in the skills he had in other parts of his life. He was a terrible parent and didn't know what he was doing after Mary died.

Favorite Demon: Alistair. End of list. He's deliciously evil, and unique. He doesn't like earth. At all. He is the only demon shown to prefer Hell to earth. Win. Runner up: Azazel.

Favorite Angel: OH GOD YOU'RE MAKING ME CHOOSE? No, I cannot...It's a total tie between Lucifer and Gabriel. I love them for different reasons, but I love them both tons. I can't watch 5.19 cause seeing Lucifer kill my Gabriel makes me bawl like a little girl...I've only seen that ep once.

Favorite Lover: (Canon or Fanon?) I'll go with Canon I guess. That'll mean it's not something off my list. ^.^ hehe! I really liked Cassie from route 666. She was beautiful and snarky. It was awesome.

Thumpa: What's your favourite Supernatural Season over all and favourite episode (which doesn't necessarily have to be in your favourite season)?

Mandy: Season? Five. By FAR AND LARGE. I love season five, I love the arc. Season 4 was real close second though, mainly cause a lot of really good epis were in s4. Including my fave episode: On The head of a pin. As you can see, I love my angels, and I love them a lot. Nothing can pass my love for Dean/Alistair though.

Season five was the end of the world. You had the Horsemen, Lucifer, Michael, the hunt for God, Chuck possibly being god, the anti-christ, Meg, Character Death...-still misses Jo and Gabriel way to much-, you had Crowley, and Adam! And then you had Sam making up for letting Lucifer out of the cage, and Castiel becoming near human and then God bringing him back.

On the Head of a Pin though? You got to see what happens when Dean gets dark. When Dean picks up the tools and opens the Pandora's box inside his heart and lets the nasty out. It was one of the only times we got to see on screen what Hell did to Dean, and we saw it happen to his teacher, one of the most frightening scenes I've seen on the show, and it wasn't scary cause Dean was hurting a demon...no, it was the...discussion between the two o them. The taunting and lines like 'I think I've got something caught in my throat...oh I think it's my throat.' The scene where Alistair nearly sends Cas packin back to heaven. It was beauty and it was precision...Oh I loved every bit of it. Dean still carries Alistair inside his head, no matter if they don't show it. Alistair knew him inside and out for 40 years. That's longer than anyone else, and he remembers. So, to me anyone who says Dean/Alistair didn't happen...is crazy.

Thumpa: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Mandy: I wouldn't expect God to be there...but if he was...it'd be like 'welcome to eternity, don't step on the grass.'

Thumpa: Thank you so much for letting me interview you!

So guys, Follow Mandy on twitter by clicking there >> @Falling_Dominos.
And check out her story, here >> From Duluth to Cold Oaks!

Thumpa, out! ;)

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