Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Short News: The Big Comeback

Do the dead ever stay dead on Supernatural? Or will we be seeing more from Heaven?
Whatever it is, there is one thing for sure; Ellen Harvelle will be returning!!!
All you Samantha Ferris fans out there, pop open the champagne, because you will definitely get to see more from this talented actress.

We won't only get to see Samantha Ferris again, but also our beloved Robert Benedict. Yes, the Chuck Shurley who so humbly announced "I am the prophet, Chuck." as a way to introduce himself, will be coming back to our screen. Maybe now they will finally explain the vanishing act he pulled in 'Swan Song'.

Now, while they are still in the resurrecting mood, it might be the perfect time to request the re-appearance of Ash, and more importantly Gabriel. It's not like anyone ever really dies in Supernatural after all.

Shirley Out.

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