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Character Profile: Meg

Name: Meg

Actor: Nicki Aycox, Jared Padalecki (one episode) and Rachel Miner

First Appearance: Scarecrow (season one)

Last Appearance: Caged Heat (season six)

Number of Episodes: 9 (so far)

Species: Demon

Powers: Demon possession, Strength, Telekineses, Durability, Control of Daevas and Hellhounds, Experience in Torture, and the guts to kiss all our favorite guys (or isn't that a power?).

Bio: Meg is a demon who worked with her father Azazel for a while. She took the name of her first host, Meg Masters, who was a good Catholic girl from Andover, Massachusetts. Meg Masters was a college student when she became possessed. The demon had control of her mind and body for about a year, before the Winchesters exorcised it; an exorcism Meg (Masters) didn't survive. 

We see Meg for the very first time in the episode 'Scarecrow'. Sam is determined to find John and has left Dean. He tries his hand at hitch-hiking, but is quite unsuccessful. That's how he meets Meg, who's sitting at the side of the road, waiting for an all too eager driver.

The conversation is cut short, because just such a sleazy guy comes driving up and offers a ride to Meg. Later, Sam sees her again at the bus station. They're stuck together all night, waiting for the next bus out. They really seem to hit it off. Sam tells her a lot of personal stuff surrounding his relationship with Dean.

At the very end of the episode, she cuts the throat of the driver giving her a ride. Using a goblet to catch his blood, it's safe to say there's something fishy with this character. When she finally talks to her Father, she says she's willing to kill the Winchesters, but apparently it's not the right time...yet.

The next time we see Meg, the boys are in Chicago. In 'Shadow', she conveniently finds herself in the bar Sam and Dean go to. Sam finds it all a bit suspicious and follows her, going as far as peeping in on a changing Meg. It was good of him to follow her though, because that's how he discovers that she's controlling the Daevas. Again, she communicates with her mysterious Father through a goblet of blood. Capturing the Winchesters, which she does, wasn't the ultimate goal though, because all of this seems to be a set-up for Daddy Dearest. John Winchester shows up, his boys being his weakness after all, and nearly gets gutted by the Daevas, until Sam flares up the room and sends them packing.

The boys throw Meg out of a window, but she doesn't die though. She's after all a demon. She watches as the Winchesters split up again and drive off into the night - in different directions.

All is quiet around Meg for a couple of episodes, until she suddenly reappears during the episode 'Salvation'. She's looking for the Colt, along with her brother Tom and won't stop until she has her hands on it. First, she kills Pastor Jim, a man who has always been there for the Winchesters. But she doesn't stop there, calling John for a little chat before cutting the throat of another great friend, Caleb.

John agrees to meet up and hand over the Colt, but is smart (or stupid) enough to take a fake one. Tom proves the uselessness by shooting Meg, who doesn't die at the spot. A nice pursuit of John and then they finally have the one bargaining chip they need; John Winchester himself.

During the following episode 'Devil's Trap', Meg calls Dean to let him know that she's got his father.

Showing up at Bobby's house wasn't her smartest move, because he traps her in a special 'Devil's Trap' that's made especially to capture demons.
Dean interrogates her on his father's whereabouts, but Meg stays unmoved and doesn't reveal anything. Sam exorcises her, despite Bobby's warnings and the demon that has been riding Meg Masters ass for a year returns to hell. Meg Masters is fatally injured from the fall (Shadow) and dies, but not before telling the Winchesters where their father is being held.

In 'Born under a bad sign' Meg reappears, although we are deluded into believing Sam has finally gone darkside for a long time. When they strap Sam down in the what I have come to call 'demon-chair', the one underneath the Devil's Trap, they finally learn who they're dealing with. Meg has escaped hell and bound herself in Sam's body. Bobby breaks the bind by pressing a hot iron poke on the symbol and then exorcises Meg.

"Dude, you had a girl inside you for like a full-on week. That's pretty naughty."

The brothers have a little run-in with Meg Masters in 'Are you there, God? It's me, Dean Winchester'. She's one of the Witnesses and so bears the mark of the Witnesses. We learn that Meg had a sister who went spiralling out of control after her death. She blames mainly Dean and is seeking revenge. She also tells him everything about how it felt for her when the demon was in control.

And then Meg gets a big make over. This time she possesses an aspiring actress from Cheboygan, Mississippi. This slightly more sex-crazed version of Meg, first appears in 'Sympathy for the Devil' where she orders a possessed Bobby to kill his surrogate son, Dean. But not before making some crude comments and kissing Dean. (Mouth-raping my favorite hunter, how rude.)

Bobby turns Ruby's knife on himself and Meg makes a run (smoke) for it, before Dean can kill her. The location of the Michael Sword is out and apparently our rogue demon has now sworn allegiance to Lucifer. 

In 'Abandon All Hope', she's back. She has taken the same girl as her meat suit again, and is now waiting happily for the Winchesters in the company of several hellhounds. She's ordered to bring them to her 'Father'. (What's with Meg and bad father figures?)
Of course, the Winchesters don't give in so easily and she sticks the dogs on them.

Later, we see her with her being all cozy with her sugar-daddy, before she tries to put the moves on Clarence (our favorite angel Castiel). He uses her as a walking plank to escape from the holy fire.

In 'Caged Heat' Meg returns again. She's being hunted down by Crowley, along with several other Lucifer fans. She makes a deal with the Winchesters involving Sam's soul.

They break into the warehouse where Crowley hides his supernatural collection. With hellhounds on their trail, Meg tries to smoke out. It doesn't work and it isn't to hard to figure out that within those walls she is bound within her vessel.

She decides to steal Castiel's angel blade while kissing him. Castiel, however, had a small lesson in porn and shows her just how much the pizza man taught her.
With only the blade to protect them, she tries to hold off the 'dogs', while Dean and the others go after Crowley.

Meg is captured by Christian Campbell, who is possessed. He tortures her, but Meg can take it, because she was once a fine student of the master himself, Alistair. Dean saves her by stabbing Christian with Ruby's knife.

After trapping Crowley with a Devil's trap, Meg tortures him to find out more about Sam's soul and more importantly, how to restore it. Crowley can't give any useful information and Meg tries to kill him with the knife. He overpowers her and uses the knife to break the trap. Castiel appears in time to burn his bones.
Meg makes a hasty departure at the end, preventing Dean from killing her. 

The most memorable thing about Meg is those hungry lips of hers. She has kissed Sam (blonde Meg), Dean (current Meg) and Castiel (current Meg). There's just too much of Meg to go around. So here's a small vid that includes the hottest kiss ever where it comes to Meg. (Of course, the fact that Castiel is in it, makes it all the better!)

And that concludes our character profile. I hope you enjoyed it!

Shirley Out.

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