Friday, May 20, 2011

A very special post

First of all, I want to apologize for being late with my thursday review. So I'll be starting off with that one, followed by a little celebration in honor of the 10,000+ views and finally, we'll close this post of with some predictions for tonight's episode. Are you all down with that?

Let's get this show on the road.


I absolutely adore this fic, and it's not even a smutty one. Well, not overly so.
In 'Clue Feathers', Castiel is undergoing angelic puberty and it's hilarious to say the least, because spontanuously combusting was never this obvious before.

A segment:

The first time it happened wasn't so bad because they were alone in the motel room. Sam was already out picking up breakfast and Dean was busy packing their bags, talking to Castiel a mile a minute as he worked.

"I was just thinking that we should probably head back up North. I mean, unless we find something along the way, of course. I'm guessing Bobby's probably getting annoyed with us since we haven't been to see him in almost a month," Dean said as he bent down to pick up a pair of wayward socks. "Do you think-"

A small explosion cut Dean off mid-sentence. His vision filled with black and he tasted something dry and scratchy on his tongue.

"What the hell?" he spluttered, spitting whatever was in his mouth into his hand.

It was a now damp feather.

Other feathers were falling in a swirling circle and at its epicenter was Castiel, eyes on the ground and pale cheeks flushed red. Over his back were two enormous black wings that Dean had only ever seen as vague shadows. But there was nothing insubstantial about the shimmering inky feathers rustling on the wings that somehow made Castiel seem both smaller and larger.

"Cas? Did you just explode?"

"Forgive me, Dean," Castiel said and then he disappeared.

You just got to read this fic. I couldn't stop laughing, and I'm sure if you give it a try, it will be the same for you. 


We love you guys so much! You make everything so worthwhile and no one could ever make up enough words to express how happy you make us. I know we've done the playlist things already, both personal favorites as Supernatural music, so... *thinks hard* A drinking game? No, done that...

How about some lovely videos? I know I always enjoy those, and I'm sure you'll love them too. *whispers* I'll try to stay away from the Destiel-slash. And seeing how tonight is the finale, maybe we need some tributes to remind us of the path they already traveled.

Season one:

Season two:

season 3:

Season 4:

Season 5:

season 6:

And finally vids of the last episode:

*Credit belongs to the owners.

Now, wasn't that beautiful? I'm crying buckets here, and it doesn't really feel like a celebration, but I promise to make it up to you guys next time. Today is special for all of us.

If you liked a video, please leave the creator some love, and not us.



Tonights SPN? Sam gets turned into a kid, Dean a girl and Bobby shoots himself to end the torture, whilst Cas remains confused.


The real reason Crowley wants to unlock Purgatory will be revealed, it will be to have something BIG come out, one of the Elder Gods, maybe Crowley himself will be revealed as Nyarlathotep, or will merge with him to become his living vessel. OR maybe someone else gets shoved into that position (I HOPE NOT CAS). Predictions for who will die: Chuck, Balthazar. Maybe Lisa &Ben. And I'm very worried that when the wall falls, Sam goes demon- since a demon is a twisted/damaged/corrupted soul. And I think Castiel will redeem himself last minute... S7 will be all about Lovecraftian monsters that will be set free tonight.


Cas tries to break the contract with Crowley. Crowley responds by capturing Lisa and Ben. Lisa dies, and a shapeshifter takes her place, trying to get Dean to stand with those of purgatory and stop Crowley, even threatening Ben to get its goal. Dean and Cas will come to a weird stand off because of it.
Cas chooses Dean over Crowley, who in his anger goes running to Raphael.
Sam's wall will break, the memories leaving him burning almost and spasming on the floor
Dean won't trust Castiel yet and he proves himself by saving Sam in some way, sacrificing himself. But somehow he doesn't die and we'll catch a glimpse of him at the very end.
Then purgatory will open slightly and Crowley and Raphael will be swallowed by the creatures within, dragging them into purgatory with them, while others escape.
Bobby closes it again somehow.
The eggs Eve laid are spread and multiplying and creatures the Winchesters never saw, are born from it
and hence cliffy to season seven. That's what I think. 
And that was our very special post. I'll see you tomorrow for the finale review, which will no doubt kill me. So perhaps you won't see me after all...Let's just pray for the best.

Shirley Out.

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