Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A birthday letter to our Thumpa!!

Go, Thumpa, it's your birthday! 

Hey darling, 

First of all, you should know how important you are to all of us. You are always there; funny and silly, or serious and wise when needed. You are one of those rare, beautiful souls that will always be ready for others; care for them in their time of need. And that, sweetheart, makes you one of the most gorgeous people I know. You shine in and out, and will not hesitate to make others shine too. It's truly amazing. 

I can't say how much I appreciate what you've done for this blog so far. The pretty lay-out, the beautiful touch-ups here and there, I know that's all you and TwiOthGirly, and it's perfect!
You're such a hard worker, and truly passionate about what you love: don't ever lose that. 
Life is dull and empty without passion, so hold onto it with all your might. 

We've fallen into an easy friendship from the first moment we talked, because, darling, it's just so easy with you. You are genuine, kind and true; traits that makes it simply impossible to dislike you. Not that I'd ever want to, because I couldn't imagine not having you as a friend. 

And then there's that insane part of you that I just worship, the part that allows you to be just as obsessed with TV shows as I am. Isn't it just wonderful to be able to share your insanity with others? *chuckles* You're one of my SPN-buddies, and I love it with every inch of my beating heart. 

Oh honey, there's so much I could say and still there'd be a million things left unsaid. There are simply not enough words to describe your splendor. But know, that I love you, just like pretty much everyone else does, and that you, my dear, are one of a kind!! 

I hope you have an amazing birthday and am longing to hear every detail of it soon! 
By the way, sorry for not doing something better - more creative - but what I lack in time, I certainly don't lack in love. I love you!

And now, let's carry on with the pretty spam. 

Once again, darling...


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