Thursday, March 17, 2011

#SaintMisha : New Twitter Trend?

Upgraded from an angel on TV, to a real life Saint; Misha Collins is talk of the town, world even and he doesn't have a clue. Or does he?

A new trend has started today, although it might be a passing thing, I do wish to ask that you tweet with us and tell us all the reasons why Misha deserves sainthood.

Tweets so far: 

  1.  @mishacollins #SaintMisha ... Best argument: Why not?
  2. #saintmisha Because no one ever had more loyal minions @mishacollins
  3. #saintmisha Because he always uses his power for good (which he disguises as evil to remain cool) @mishacollins
  4. #saintmisha Because then the whole world would buy the bible in search of his bio @mishacollins
  5. #saintmisha Because he puts up with all the slash fics being written about him, although he thinks it's weird @mishacollins
  6. #saintmisha Because he takes time to talk to all of you lazy asses (including me) albeit not necessarily personal @mishacollins
  7. #saintmisha Because he has orange briefs or bikini briefs even, and hasn't tossed them yet! @mishacollins
  8. #SaintMisha - Redefining angelic behavior since 1974. @mishacollins
  9. #saintmisha Because although I like his wings, he wouldn't look all too bad with a halo either @mishacollins
  10. #saintmisha Because he douched himself up for us during the french mistake @mishacollins
  11. #saintmisha Because he has people looking for rhinopuzzle pieces in the deepest holes imaginable (maybe not deep) @mishacollins
  12. #saintmisha Because he makes mishamigos (which is a nerdy thing to say) sound cool. @mishacollins
  13. #saintmisha Because he gives you the full experience by live-tweeting his lines. @mishacollins
  14. -Uncensored version- #saintmisha Because he doesn't bother anyone when he can lick his own balls @mishacollins (yep we saw the footage)
  15. #saintmisha Because those baby blues will make you think you're in heaven @mishacollins
  16. #saintmisha Because you will gladly worship him any day @mishacollins
  17. #saintmisha Because only he could make a movie about a vamp-like kid draining a kidnapper and have ppl love it @mishacollins
  18. #saintmisha Because decorating tree and replanting them was never more fun @mishacollins
  19. #saintmisha Because he'll have a tea party with you in the middle of the city...when it's busy as hell... @mishacollins
  20. #SaintMisha Because he will see this when he logs on, and won't be freaked out by it! @mishacollins
Join in and makes this trend a hit!!! Do it now! #SaintMisha

And if a certain friend doesn't worship me after this, I'll never look at Saints the same again.

Shirley Out.

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