Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Interviews:TwiOthGirly talks with Monaliciouss!

Hi all, I'm not Thumpa as you can see. *laughs* Nikki here, or TwiOthGirly. This is MY first interview for Supernatural Lovers and it is with a real awesome person.

The Supernatural fandom is vast! You have Role-Players, fanfiction writers, fan artists and even fan video makers. Monaliciouss is one of those people. She role-plays and she has an eye to make fan videos. So enough with the chit chat, lets see what she had to say when I shot a few questions her way.

TwiOthGirly: What inspires your videos the most?

Monaliciouss: Supernatural roleplay does. Most of the videos I make are inspired by the Supernatural roleplay I do or friends (and/or members of my RP site) do. On rare occasions, I'll make a video inspired purely by the series.

TwiOthGirly: Walk us through your basic video making process.

Monaliciouss: Well, first I determine what I want the video to be about. Is it a pairing? Do they have a specific story? What is the general impression/mood that I want the viewer to get when they watch my video? Then I look for video material, mostly derived from the series of course. I keep in mind certain scenes or parts of scenes that I would like to have in my vid and go look for an appropriate song. These songs can be anything varying from piano music to hardrock, as long as it fits the general mood I want for my vid. Then I put the video footage together with the music so it forms a story; if the song has lyrics, I try to make the vid material fit the lyrics. Et voila, you have a vid.

TwiOthGirly: What drew you to start making SPN fanvideos?

Monaliciouss: The first SPN fanvid I made was a Sam/Ruby vid to the theme song of True Blood, "Bad Things" by Jace Everett. Ruby is one of my main RP characters and Sam/Ruby has always been my favorite pairing (if not my 'OTP'), because of the sheer tension between the two of them. I thought this song was perfect for them, though I later made another Sam/Ruby vid to "Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed.
Also, a little fact: the first video editing I ever did was a trailer for a LARP-event. I started making trailers for short films and plays in Performing Arts School ;)

TwiOthGirly: Are there any other video makers that inspire you?

Monaliciouss: Why yes, there certainly are. My number one favorite video maker is SecretlyToDream. Their vids are amazing, very well edited and very intense to the viewer. They've been making SPN fanvideos for quite some time now, and there's not a single one they've made that I don't like. Especially their "O Death" vid is one I can recommend, and for the Sam-fans among us, "Voices On The Wind" is a very good one. I love the music in that one.

TwiOthGirly: What drives you to make some of the pairings you have?

Monaliciouss: At the moment, all of the pairings I use are inspired by RP. The pairings we do in RP are either inspired by canon Supernatural, or sprout randomly from the creativity of our members. We don't usually do slash on our RP group, but we do have some unusual pairings. As long as it doesn't mess with the nature and concept of a canon character, I usually approve of it. And when a pairing interests and inspires me, I make a video of it.

TwiOthGirly: How big does music play into your creative process?

Monaliciouss: Music is one of the biggest influences on my creative process, sometimes I hear a song that's just perfect for a certain pairing, or I start looking for songs and find one that changes my original plans for a video but inspires me to make one in a different concept. The music is basically the most important part to a vid, video material is secondary.

TwiOthGirly: If you can make any video what kind would it be?

Monaliciouss: I have no idea what to answer to this question xD

Want to check out Monaliciouss' videos? You can find her on youtube here! Here is a taste


Hope you enjoyed it! Catch ya later!

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