Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Big Make-Over

A little splash of paint, a big pink elephant there, ten palm trees on the left,...
It all sounds a bit like a crazy undertaking of whatever her name is...Debbie Travis?
But to be honest, it's more important than some home renovations, because we are going to give our site an entirely new look!

It desperately needs it. And to be honest, you've all thought about it at least once, when you couldn't find the right link, or had to scroll all the way down just to watch the video you wanted.
We are here for your comfort as well, and this new lay-out will make it much easier to navigate and equally important, pretty!

Of course, with such an undertaking, you can expect some less pleasant things as well. One of those things is...

We are shutting down the blog for two weeks!

Oh man, I mustn't cry...
Don't worry, guys. We will be back!! We would never abandon all of you like that. So come April the 9th, we'll be back. Stronger as ever and surrounded by pretty colors.

We'll all miss you dearly, and hope to see you all at the re-opening.

Lots of love,

Sniffling Shirley, signing out.

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