Sunday, January 23, 2011

Video of the Week: Castiel's First Kiss

OKAY! Sunday Video Time, guys. And here’s this week’s one.

It's very short, and cuts off abruptly at the end, but I love it. Firstly, it makes me laugh. Like woah. And secondly, there is something oh so epically HOT about Cas making out with Meg, right?! Or maybe it's just Cas doing anything close to something sexual... Mmmm...


This Video has it all. The best line in existence: “I learned that from the pizza man”, Cas being inside Sam (when you put it like that, it’s hot. Really. Plus, Sam makes an orgy face.), his little “do me now” stares.. Maybe I’m just imagining those. But most all, this video has the most important and best moment in television; The downwards glance at his lap. Yes, Cas got a boner. WIN! And Dean points it out! I always die a little bit inside. In the best way.

Perfect song for the moment, lots of laughs, and epic editing. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

Thumpa, out! ;)