Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fanfiction in the Spotlight with Lifelesslyndsey

In this fandom, we widely encourage the smexin' of Angels; the most recognized of pairings being Dean and Cas.    While this is something that I am all for, I believe we are sorely lacking in quality Sam and Gabriel smexin. 

Samriel people, get with it. 

So I bring for to you today a fic from over on, a fic called Black Swans, featuring most formidably Sam and Gabriel, with a background of Dean and Cas for you Destiel lovers out there. 

Black Swans

Rated: M
Warnings: Slash, swearing, blasphemy, zombies, ocasional spoilers up until season 5
Type: Post-Non-Apocalypse AU (not season 5 non-apocalypse)

Words: over 60k

Chapters: 3/3 Completed!

Characters/Pairings: Gabriel/Sam, Castiel/ Dean, OC's. 

It takes place after the non-apocalypse, but not the one we saw in Season 5.  I have no idea what season this would have taken place in, but it's safte to say there is Gabriel in it (obviously).  Gabe changes his tune, and helps out the Winchesters.  He bases his decision on a black swan theory.  The brothers are standing up against a seemingly impossible force; never saying no and never backing down.  They are so impossible, that Gabriel can't imagine how it wouldn't alter the outcome of the war he'd rather not see anyways.  He offers his aid, the aid that changes the tides.  Sam takes out Lucifer, and the story here is the aftermath.  It's not all pretty roses and rainbows.  The apocalypse may have not happened, but a war did.   Also, Gabriel's faith in his father is restored, and Sam finds healing for the damage done by the Demon blood through blowjobs and grace. If that ain't the makings for an awesome read, I don't know what is. 

"If it were so, then it was a process that had begun when Gabriel had first come to Sam while he detoxed in Bobby's panic room. That had been the first time he'd fed Sam his grace, not that Sam remembered it at all; Gabriel hadn't been sure at the time just how public he'd wanted his involvement to be. After sucking at Gabriel's wrist and then a deep sleep, Sam had seemed so much stronger, calmer more together. Could Sam actually be right about what was going on?

Gabriel shrugged. "Possibly just the damage you did to yourself," he hedged, though even that would be something worthwhile. "But maybe Azazel's blood too. Who knows? This is completely new to me."
"So it's not addiction because it's... finite." Sam nodded, apparently to himself. "Once I've had enough, the craving will stop?" Gabriel could practically see Sam's big brain ticking over. "And, at the least, I should go back to how I was before I first drank Ruby's blood. Maybe even back to, well, what I've never had a chance to be since I was six months old." He put his hand on Gabriel's shoulder. "Gabriel, this is... If we're right, this feels like a miracle to me."
For Gabriel, a miracle was something that directly had the involvement of his Father in some way. He hadn't witnessed a genuine one first hand since before he left home. But this, it was unexpected, unexplained, and rewarded someone who somehow managed to keep faith in doing what was right even in the darkest of nights. Just the kind of thing Dad loved doing. Maybe... Maybe Castiel had been right all along, and Dad really was out there somewhere still. "Yeah," he said, feeling a smile that was content and full of hope turn his mouth up at the corners. "It really does feel like that."
Sam smiled a smile beautiful in its purity. He then did something that maybe shouldn't have been as unexpected as it was. He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to Gabriel's.
It took Gabriel by surprise – but really, by now, he was getting used to being surprised by Sam. He was still for one second before he got with the program enough to kiss Sam back, sliding a hand up to play with the hair at the back of Sam's neck. Sam seemed to freeze as Gabriel started to return the kiss, as if he only just then realized what he was doing. But then he made a low noise in the back of his throat and pressed forward, kissing Gabriel more fiercely and moving on his seat to lean over him.
Despite all the innuendo that had been flying between them, Gabriel had never seriously considered he'd end up in this sort of compromising position with Sam. But there was something about Sam that had called to the archangel even from the first time they met, and one thing Gabriel had learned was to never look in the mouths of gift horses. So he shifted himself to recline as much as he could and kept one hand on the back of Sam's neck as they kissed. The other he stroked lightly over Sam's back, down his shirt until he could get under the edge of it and slide upward again over bare skin.
This time the noise Sam made was almost definitely a moan. He thrust his tongue into Gabriel's open mouth and slid it firmly over and around Gabriel's own. One forearm was leaning on the chair beside Gabriel's head, taking Sam's weight. The other was strong and flat on Gabriel's chest as if trying to hold him down. Not like Gabriel was trying to get away. He knew very well when it was in his best interests to be caught, and this was definitely one of those times.
Sam's back was vast and smooth and firm. Gabriel could feel the muscles tense and relax as Sam moved. He was trying, it seemed, to get closer, which wasn't easy for a man his size even in a pretty spacious SUV. Sam broke the kiss and uttered an equally broken, "Gabriel, Gabe..." before moving his mouth down to suck and nibble on Gabriel's neck."

The rest of this chapter is much hotter, but you'll just have to read to see.

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