Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wincest Wednesdays!

Dean was bitchslapped by an elemental but it's Sam who has to cope.

Title: Turn Of The Wheel Verse
Author: gekizetsu 
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: G-NC-17
Warnings: incest, wing!kink, sexual situations, blasphemey (if you can't stand blasphemy, you are in the wrong fandom, please close the door on your way out, kthnxbia --lyndsey)
Word Count: upwards around 90k

So when I asked the darlings over at spnstoryfinders for a Gabriel/Sam wing!kink fic, and I got wingcest instead, I was to say the least, a little skeptical.

But this fic is awesome.

Because in this story, not only does it combine my love of wings with my love of wincest, Wingcest is the story. It's not just a side-effect of the plot.  It is the plot, or most of it.   Sam and Dean make friendly (and by that I mean kill) with an air elemental, and Dean ends-up inside out.  But not in a gross and gory way, more in a 'my soul physically manifests into wings on the Sabbat' kind of inside-out.

And Sam, they find out, has a little bit of a wing-kink.

Or maybe just a Dean's-Soul-Kink,

The road is winding, and full of Elementals, Shamblers, and a perfectly characterized Bobby (he's like a coconut, tough on the outside, soft on the inside, and really hard to crack).  It might take the wings to make them realize something that was always there, but realize they do.  Sam's always been Dean's anchor, and Dean's always been Sams vice.

"""Dean gestured in midair between himself and Sam, trying for the right words, hands held apart as if he was describing the big one that got away. “Whatever the hell else that one I shot was trying to do, maybe it was just some of the energy I got hit with, but, the wings. They’re wings. I mean, they are, obviously, but the feathers feel things. When people touch them.” He went on gesturing pointlessly and finally glanced up at Sam.
Sam was staring at him expressionlessly.
“So, uh...” Dean said. “Yeah.”
“You waited until now to tell me this,” Sam said.
“You’re telling me you actually get off on people touching your wings,” Sam said. “That’s why you kept letting me do it. That why you let all those girls...”
Dean shrugged, and the motion was much more expansive with wings. The smirk was minimal, but it was there.
“Dick,” Sam said.
“Don’t be a poor sport, Sam,” Dean said. “I mean, what’s the big deal? It’s temporary. They show up for a day every few months, then they’re gone again and I’m me and you’re you. We avoid things with four walls and find someplace underground on those days until we figure out how to keep it from happening, and in the meantime, perks are perks.”
Sam just stared at him but he was reddening again.
Dean rolled his eyes. “Loosen up, Sam.”
“You’re pretty much saying we just throw all the rules out when it happens,” Sam said. “You don’t really care if this wears off or if we figure out how to make it stop, do you.”'''

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