Friday, February 25, 2011

Supernatural Trivia: Friday!

Hey! Today's trivia kicked ASS! It was my first time hosting and it went amazing! We had 6 players today. @Thumpa_ @auberginefedora @Purupuru @abbynormale @Shirley_007 and @kaghanyou. At first it looked like a really close race until Thumpa pulled out and swept the competition. Here are the scores

@Thumpa- 13
@auberginefedora -5
@Purupuru - 2
@Shirley_007 - 2
@abbynormale - 1

All of our players did great! I had fun and I hope everyone else did too! Make sure to check us out next week for more trivia!

Think you have what it takes to do trivia? Take a crack at the questions yourself!

1. Where did Jimmy live before? And who’s vessel is he?
2. In the episode Changing Channels, the widow claims her husband was killed by who? And which actor did the wife say the killer looked like?
3. In which Episode was Dr. Sexy, M.D FIRST mentioned? Number or title will surfice. 
4. What is Mary Winchester’s favorite Beatles song?
5. Besides the pilot, what other episode had all 4 winchesters (John, Mary, Dean and Sam) all in one scene together?
6. What was the name of the girl Sam spent thanksgiving with when he was 11?
7. What was Bill Harvelle and John Winchester hunting when Bill was killed?
8. What was Mary and John Winchester’s address in 1978?
9. How do you kill a Wraith and who killed it in the show?
10. What is the name of the medication that Sam is advertising and what does it cure in ‘Changing Channels’?
11. Finish this quote: Castiel: The Whore can only be killed by a true servant of Heaven. Dean: Servant like…? Castiel:?
12. What type of spirit spreads ghost sickness?
13. What is Sam’s cellphone number in Born Under a Bad Sign?
14. Who is Bobby John and which episode did he appear?
15. How many times does a Okami have to be stabbed and with what?
16. Where did an injured Castiel stay in The song remains the same?
17. Finish this quote: Bobby: Like my Daddy always said:…?
18. How many episodes does the Angel Banishing Sigil appear?
19. What does EVP stand for?
20. Where did Dean say they got the holy oil in ‘Changing Channels’?
21. Name 2 of a Leshii’s powers.
22. What was the name of Sam’s dog when he ran away?
23. What was the name of P.T. Sandover’s company? (Full name)

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