Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Supernatural Trivia: Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 23d 2011

Trivia today was fun. We had three contestants playing today: Thumpa_, TwiOthGirly and Kaghanyou. At first TwiOthGirly took the lead, but that changed quickly when Thumpa_ shifted gears and flew right by her.

The final score:

Thumpa_ : 14
TwiOthGirly : 4
Kaghanouyou : 0

I'm sure you're all wanting to know the kind of questions I asked, so here they are.
A lot of trivia fun to you.

1) Who killed Pastor Jim in "Salvation"?
2) What was Jeremy's greatest fear in "Dream A Little Dream Of Me"?
3) How did Dean stop the little girl from killing Sam and Sarah in "The Provenance"?
4) Finish the Balthazar quote: "Whatever I want. This morning, I had a menage à ______."
5) In "Mystery Spot", how did Dean die first?
6) What characters were Dean and Sam forced to "play" in "The Real Ghostbusters"?
7) What was the second gift young Sam opened in "A Very Supernatural Christmas"?
8) Who's Baron Samedi and in which episode do we see him?
9) In what episode does Dean say "Leave my baby out of it, she's got nothing to do with this"?
10) Finish the Teddy Bear's quote: "Look at this. Can you believe____"?
11) Give the names of the two slightly erotic softball teams mentioned in "Yellow Fever."
12) Which characters were played by Katie Cassidy?
13) Sera Siege (Chuck's publisher), is played by Keegan Connor Tracy. In which episode do we also see her, and as which character?
14) Who's Mary Worthington?
15) How do the brothers exorcise Henrikssen?
16) Who is this?
17) How did Sam find out about monsters being real?
18) How can Angels die? All the ways we have seen so far.

Well, that's all from me today. So I'll see you tomorrow for some angel-lovin'.
Shirley Out!

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