Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wincest Wednesdays!

Lifelesslyndsey here, bringing you that brotherly lovin' by the handful

First up, to make it super filthy, I'm bringing something we call in the fandom Weecest. 
Thats right. Pre-series Wincest. Also known as Teenchestercest. 

in which sam turns sixteen in panabaker, new hampshire, and dean teaches him to drive.
31,000 words

Secondly, I bring you a trifecta fic. Thats right. Fic, Prequel, Sequel. Hours of good-read. Be warned, this one's angsty. 

Gone Again, by [info]candle_beck's journal
Four months later, you couldn't really call it living. 
32376 words.

And finally, a fic that totally blew my mind. It's post-apocolyptic, but unlike any you've ever read, I'm sure. If you read nothing else, read this. 

The world begins with the interruption of a sleep. Which is why wakefulness is the only proof of existence
Lot's O' Words

This is Lyndsey, over and out.  I promise to see y'all next week, with a boat load of more erotic codependency. 

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