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Angelic Thursday: Angel-cuffed

Awkwardness, adorable moments and a little bit of angel porn...You'll find it all in this story.

What if you are forced to acknowledge your most inner desires? What if an archangel forces you into such a situation that you can not keep it hidden anymore? What if, all those feelings you believed to hidden so well, are obvious to almost everyone around you? Would you give in?

In 'angel-cuffed', Gabriel decides to teach Dean and Castiel a lesson. And he thinks cuffing them together for an undetermined amount of time, is just the way to do it.
To say that Dean is surprised to wake up with an angel in his bed is one thing, but an angel that's also suddenly stuck to him, all day and night? Well, surprised would be the understatement of the century.

At first, they are both annoyed, and highly uncomfortable with this change in events, but as time progresses Castiel and Dean become more at ease around each other. A lot more at ease! To what will this lesson of Gabriel lead?

It was the most ridiculous thing that had ever happened to Dean in his life.

Dean woke up when he heard a familiar voice call his name. He groaned and tried to turn around to lay on his right side, away from the voice, but something was pulling at his left wrist. Dean groaned in annoyance and tried to pull his wrist towards himself, but something was keeping his wrist in place and he couldn’t move it towards himself.


Dean recognized the voice right away, and it only made him even more annoyed. The angel just didn’t have any understanding of a human’s need to sleep.

“Damnit Cas, stop pulling at my wrist and let me sleep,” he groaned into the pillow. He felt Castiel shift on the bed behind him but the angel made no attempt to leave and let Dean sleep.

Dean muttered a curse under his breath and finally turned around to see Castiel’s bright blue eyes stare back into his. The angel looked… uncomfortable. And he was sitting right there on the edge of the bed, uncomfortably close to Dean. If he moved any closer he would be sitting on Dean’s lap.

Dean glared at the angel. “Cas? What the hell—“

That was when he noticed the reason why Cas was sitting so close.

There were handcuffs around his wrist, and Cas’ too, locking them together.

“What the hell?!” Dean exclaimed. He sat up and brought his hand up to examine the weird handcuffs, trying to get them open. Next to him, Cas’ hand was involuntarily dragged up from where it rested on the bed, to dangle just below Dean’s.

“Dean, I’ve tried that already. It’s no use,” the angel said.

Dean stared back at Castiel. “What the hell do you mean? Why the fuck am I handcuffed to you?” he demanded.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? How the fuck did this happen?” Dean snapped. He stood up from the bed, dragging Castiel with him, and tried desperately to undo the handcuffs somehow, but it was no use.

He was handcuffed to the angel. Shit.

“I believe someone has tied us together. For what purpose I don’t know. I was just suddenly pulled away from my location to find my hand locked to yours.” Despite always saying things without any emotions in his voice, Dean could tell that Castiel was pretty annoyed by the situation.

“Shit,” Dean cursed; hands still working on the handcuffs, trying to get them off. “Have you tried to get these things off with your angel mojo?”

“My powers are not what they used to be, Dean. And yes, I’ve tried, but failed,” Castiel said. Dean never heard the angel sound so defeated before. He was about to say something when the door opened and Sam stepped inside.

Shit, today was just not his day.

Sam entered the room and froze. He stared from Cas’ defeated face and Dean’s annoyed expression to the handcuffs on their wrists, which Dean obviously failed to hide from him.

“Oh dude. I do not want to know about your kink games,” Sam said with a disgusted face. Cas’ eyebrows furrowed in confusion and Dean’s face was red instantly.

“Dude! I don’t swing that way! And we’re not playing around, we’re locked together!” Dean said.

“Yeah I can see that,” Sam said, still staring at the weird scene in front of him with a frown. “Mind to explain why?”

“I don’t know why! I wake up and I’m handcuffed to the nerd angel here,” Dean snapped, pulling his hand forward and Cas’ with it to show Sam. “And neither of us can get them off.”
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