Monday, March 7, 2011

Supernatural Trivia: Monday!

Monday, 7th March 2011

Hey, guys! This week, we had some new people participating as well as some of the usual players which was lovely! So. The list of people were: @Shirley_007, @TwiOthGirly, @Purupuru, @JustMarissaLaw, @DarklyDamon, @Epiffanie7 and @DSM_Lilith. We had an exciting second half with Purupuru and Shirley_007 going head to head for top spot. And down below are today's points...

@Shirley_007: 9
@Purupuru: 8
@JustMarissaLaw: 2
@TwiOthGirly: 1

Remember to pimp us out, reminding people that Trivia is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with @spn_lovers_! The more players, the merrier.

Thumpa, out! ;)

PS, Have a go at today's questions, see if you can answer them. All correct answers are on our twitter, @spn_lovers_.

1) In “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester”, what is the town’s population?
2) What ingredients are necessary to break the “4th wall”?
3) In “Pilot”, what does Dean pick his handcuffs with?
4) Who killed Jessica (Sam's Gilrfriend)?
5) In which episode was this revealed in?
6) Taylor from “Hookman” also appeared as who and in what episode?
7) I want the exact quote by Alastair from “On The Head Of A Pin” that is in reference to the game "Monopoly".
8) What is the monogram on the towel that the colt is sitting on in Bela’s car in “Jus In Bello”?
9) What is the latin translation of “Spirit Of Life”?
10) In “The Benders”, what was Evan watching?
11) Where were the Winchesters staying in Season 4, episode 7? Name of the place and room number please!
12) Finish the quote: “These aren’t vampires, man. …”
13) What is the exact date, day, month and year, that Dean rose from the grave?
14) How does Dean kill a faerie?
15) How old is Dean in “A Very Supernatural Christmas”?
16) Who owns "Truckzilla"?
17) What is the significance of "Winchester"?
18) On the subject of guns, what is the name of the manufacturer of Dean's .45 (pistol)?
19) In which episode was John Winchester Michael’s vessel?
20) What does Sam read from John’s journal in “Phantom Traveller”? I WILL NOT ACCEPT “Demon exorcism”. I want the name of what he reads.
21) What is the combination of Daniel Elkin’s safe which John goes into in “Dead Man’s Blood”?

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