Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trivia Death Match! And the winner is...

Oh man!! Today, was the end of our first four weeks of trivia and as promised, we end with a Death Match.
The qualified contestants were TwiOthGirly, Purupuru and Thumpa.

Purupuru had prior engagements and couldn't make an appearance, and so the battle got even more personal, between two of our very own admins.
I have to say, I was a bit surprised when the leading lady with over sixty points, just let go and hardly managed to get any points.
TwiOthGirly though, she went in head first and it was beautiful to watch!!!

End score: 
TwiOthGirly vs. Thumpa_
11 - 2

It was David versus Goliath, and David won!! Nice going, TwiOthGirly, with such a competition-crushing result! 

Here are the questions asked. 

  1. First fairytale in Bedtime Stories?
  2. Who played Cupid?
  3. Hamburgers were Castiel's weakness, specifically which franchise?
  4. How many stripes did Dean's socks have in After School Special?
  5. Put the next events during Lazarus Rising in correct order. 1. Pam's eyes get burned out. 2. The windows/mirrors in motel room shatter 3. Castiel walks into the barn and 4. Sam exorcises the demon in restaurant.
  6. Who's killing reapers in death takes a holiday?
  7. In how many episodes did Traci Dinwiddie star?
  8. Who is Donna Shoemaker?
  9. Who said it? "Tara Benchley? From feardotcom and Ghost Ship Tara Benchley? Dude why didn’t you say so?"
  10. Who had a neighbour called Mr. Rogers?
  11. Who is he in Supernatural?

And now, we've come to the most important part of this post. The Awards!!

As you already know, our 'Biggest SPN Lover' Award goes to....


Now, usually this is where it ends, but I wanted to hand out another special award. She has kept trivia fun, and kept all the hosts entertained with her answers. For making us roar with laughter and going 'WTF' on more than one occasion, I'd like to present the WTF-award to...


That's all, folks!! And we'll see you in about two weeks, when the SPN Lovers blog re-opens after renovations.

Shirley Out!!

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