Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Supernatural Trivia: Monday!

Monday, 28th February 2011

Hey, guys! So we held Trivia later than usual by request but the result is we had so many players! Todays participants were @TwiOthGirly, @ISwearInItalian, @kaghanyou, @Shirley_007, @Purupuru and @ktb3581 and @justme_Miss who kept providing wrong, but hilarious answers!

And here are today's results.

@TwiOthGirly: 11
@Purupuru: 4
@Shirley_007: 3
@ktb3581: 1
@kaghanyou: 1

Join us this Wednesday for more trivia and general Supernatural AWESOMENESS!

Thumpa, out! ;)

PS, Have a go at today's questions and see how you fair! Answers on our twitter, @spn_lovers_.
1) In "The French Mistake," what famous movie does Balthazar refer to when explaining the situation to Sam and Dean?
2) Name one possible omen Bobby shows Dean in "Swan Song."
3) What two options did Henrikssen give Sam and Dean when he told them he was deciding what to have for dinner?
4) What is the location of "Skin" (Season 1, Episode 6)?
6) Name all the actresses who played Lilith IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE.
7) In Changing Channels, there was a theme song. What 2 lines follow "Living the lie just to get by"?
8) In that same episode, two songs by Anya Marina were played. What were they and WHEN were they played?
9) What Season and episode (name and number) is this from? http://twitpic.com/44uw75
10) Name all the special children and there's another point for correctly naming all their abilities!
11) Which of these special children showed additional powers?
12) Which two directors of SPN episodes have the initials P.S.?
13) What's the title of the Supernatural Episode that made fun of Twilight? And the Episode number, please.
14) Give me the Season Finale Titles for each season.
15) Where can you buy Misha's blue sweater and for how much?
16) What is the first thing Sam asks Dean when they get thrown into the AU in "The French Mistake"?
17) The Producer in "The French Mistake" (Jim Michaels) was played by someone who was in another Supernatural Episode. Name this episode.
18) Name the whole Novak Family in order of appearance. Full names, people. I'm not accepting just first names.
19) Season 2, episode 20. Tell me what that episode title is based on.

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