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Episode Review: My Heart Will Go On

The episode starts with an unlucky bastard who keeps having one domestic accident after another. The last one, tripping over balls and getting hit in the head with one, turns out to be fatal when his garage door decapitates him. Talk about 'Ouch'.

In the meantime, Bobby's devastated by Rufus' death and has turned into a full-fledge alcoholic with the amount of booze he swallows down. The Winchesters tip toe around him, wanting to offer advice and support but being absolutely clumsy in their ways. And then we're in for one major shocker!!
As the guys leave the Bobby-mansion to investigate several 'accidental' deaths, in walks ELLEN! What the fuck? Wasn't she scattered all over that hardware store in 'Abandon All Hope'. The shock-level rises when she talks about hunting with Jo and...wait for it...turns out to be Bobby's wife!!

Bobby: Did I ever tell you you're a pain in the ass?
Ellen: It's why you married me.

The boys search around the garage of former dead guy and find a golden fibre. Why would he have that lying around?
Seeing as how the three dead guys are related, Dean goes to talk to a survival relative. A conversation that doesn't go well.

Dean: Was anyone ever killed or maimed in a war, or you know, some other violent thing?
Cousin: What do you mean?
Dean: Like something so dark that it would sully future generations?
Cousin: Uh...No.
Dean: Good. Good stuff. Anyone own a slave?
Cousin: What?
Dean: Routine question. Any ties to the Nazi-party?
Cousin: Excuse me?
Dean: Did grandma ever piss off a gypsy?
Cousin: Okay. You know what? I don't know what kind of study you're doing but it's over. Right now. So if you don't mind.
Dean: Okay, I-I- I'll just cut to the chase here. Your life is in danger.
Cousin: What? What is that? A threat? Are you threatening me?
Dean: No, no, no, I'm not threatening you. I'm just saying that if you don't watch your back, you're gonna die.
Cousin: Get the hell out of my office.
Dean: Okay.
Cousin: NOW!

Sam managed to do some research, but our vics and their ancestors turn out to be straight as an arrow. No weird stuff, nothing that would indicate a supernatural reason for them to die. And then we're suddenly in an office where some redhead is talking about Cuba. Time freezes and a blonde woman walks in. She takes the keys from the redhead and drops them onto the floor, right underneath the copy machine. Time unfreezes, the redhead finishes her call and looks for her keys. Bumping into a vase, the water splashes all over the copy machine and then her scarf makes breathing real hard. Blondie scratches out a name and things go back to normal with our boys searching her office.

Well, now we know it's not a family curse, because Red wasn't related to the other three corpses. Dean calls up Ellen, who tells him all about Jo doing a similar job. She also tells him all about the ship the ancestors from the dying families came to US with. What the fuck!? It's the Titanic. That ship sunk, people, I saw the movie!! Kripke, you should really pay more attention in History class.

But hold up...What's Balthazar doing in the picture of the Titanic and what the crap,...did he just say he saved the ship? Is this another alternate universe episode?

Dean: Why did you unsink the ship?
Balthazar: Because I hated the movie.
Dean: What movie?
Balthazar: Exactly!
Sam: Wait. So you saved a cruiseliner because...
Balthazar: Because that god awful Celine Dion song made me want to smite myself.
Sam: Who's Celine Dion?
Balthazar: She's a destitute lounge singer, somewhere in Quebec and let's keep it that way, please.

This just made me fall in love with Balthazar a little more, but these words out of his mouth has made this episode one of the best ever!!

Dean: And we need to save as many as we can, and we need to know who's after them.
Balthazar: Sorry. You have me confused with the other angel. You know the one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you. I don't care. Goodbye boys.

Bobby, wise as ever, has discovered what's going on. Our boys are up against...The Fates!! Or one of them at least. Yep, the sisters we all know from the Greek Mythology. And that explains the gold thread, because they spin your life on it. Why are they there? To get rid of all these people who shouldn't have been born at all! Dean's got the hard job of telling Bobby that Jo and Ellen die if the Titanic sinks.

From their Mustang, they spot Russo. They have to be near him to catch the sister responsible, but aren't given the chance. After nearly getting hit by a car, Russo demands that Dean leaves him alone and even accuses him of almost getting him killed. As he crosses the street, raving like a lunatic, a bus hits him. Bye bye Russo. Ironically, his face is all over the back of the bus, and his remains all over.

Sam spots the Fate they are looking for first. He thinks she looks like a librarian, and you have to admit, she does. Dean suggests to go talk to her, since they shouldn't be afraid seeing as how they don't have anything to do with the boat. By the time they catch up to her, she just turned on all the gas. So when Dean keeps messing with his lighter, I nearly screamed.

Thankfully, Castiel pulls them out just before they can blow theirselves up. He takes them to White Russia and tells 'em about how they pissed her off with the whole Apocalypse deal. And now they have no other choice than to kill her. "You have an expression for it; tempting fate."

Dean: You need new friends, Cas.
Castiel: I'm trying to save the ones I have.

An emotional little moment between Ellen and Bobby, which feels weird watching, made me sniffle anyway.
He knows his loved ones will be gone if they sink the ship, but it's looking more like it that sinking it might be the only option. "Oh please, you're a neon sign. So I can beat it out of you, or we can just skip that part."
So Bobby tells her. And she accepts her fate, and Jo's, so easily. It's incredible.

In the meantime, Sam and Dean are walking the green mile. Will it be the dogs, those insane people that juggle axes or a vent falling from above? When it seems they are finally meeting their doom, Castiel freezes everything. Antropos (the Fate) shows up with her little book for a heated, but polite conversation.

Castiel: Antropos, you look well.
Antropos: I look like stumped over crap because of you.

She's pissed beyond belief, because they messed up everything. They fought for freedom and created chaos. And what's even worse, she believes Castiel to be the one who ordered the unsinking of the Titanic. She believes this whole thing to be about souls. And then she offers him an ultimatum: sink the boat or we'll kill theWinchesters. And then she means her or her two sisters, who are apparently even stronger than her.
Scary stuff!

"Alright then, let's sink the Titanic." And of course, the first thing we hear is Celine Dion. How original.
The boys think they both had the same dream 'til Castiel sets them straight. Castiel wanted them safe and insisted on Balthazar sinking the ship.

Sam: So you killed 50,000 people for us.
Castiel: No, I didn't. They were never born. That's far different from being killed what you say.

Castiel didn't erase their memories, because he wanted them to know exactly who Fate is. And of course there are more reasons. Dean needs to reassure himself that Balthazar really sink the Titanic over a movie and yep, even Castiel says it's true. Fickle angel, that Balthazar.

Bobby's snoring his ass off and things are back to normal on Supernatural. Now who's excited for next week's episode? MEEEEEEEE!!

See y'all next time!

Shirley Out

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