Thursday, May 12, 2011

Angelic Thursdays: The Human Condition

"Angels are watching over you."

After what took place during 'The Song That Remains The Same', Michael decides to keep an eye on Mary. She's the mother of his unborn vessel and therefore important. When she seems to be having trouble sleeping due to constant nightmares plaguing her, he decides to help her.

John has been neglecting his wife a little, because he's determined to provide for his growing family. So when Michael asks him for his consent in a dream, he accepts. Michael makes sure Mary sleeps, and eats. He never meant for the intercourse to happen, but when Mary made her intentions clear curiosity got the best of him. What if curiosity morphs into something else?

Micheal comes to John in a dream, and it isn't hard to convince him to give up control of his body when all his defenses are down and he believes Micheal is nothing more than a dream. Consent is dubious at best, but Micheal has never let that bother him. Consent is consent, whether it is forced or manipulated. If God wanted things to be different, he should have added stipulations to the rules.

His vessel's body wakes with a bolt and he sits up in bed, looking down at the not-quite-sleeping Mary. "Everything okay?" she asks, her voice low.

"Yes." Micheal says automatically, but he can tell he sounds like himself, not John, because Mary is looking at him strangely. "A nightmare." he adds, and she sits up.

"Want to talk about it?" she asks.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" Michael asks, ignoring her question. Mary blinks in surprise, and Michael continues "It isn't good for the baby."

Mary's eyes narrow and she glares at him, something Michael understands usually leads to a fight in the Winchester house. Usually one proceeded by slamming doors and John driving away, only to return later and apologize, which almost always led to fornication. (Michael does not understand humans strange desire to rut into each other at every given opportunity. Their focus is far too much on the physical rather than the spiritual. At his darkest times, he often wonders if Lucifer is not right about them.)

"Maybe I could sleep if you weren't always gone, or leaving me here all alone. And don't tell me what's good for the baby, you wouldn't know seeing as you haven't been to a single doctor's appointment with me-"

Mary's voice is rising in volume, and Michael finds these human emotions tedious to deal with, so he cuts in "You're right."

Mary is stunned. "What?"

"I will be there next time. Every time, if you would like." Michael replies. This is true for John, he can see it inside his mind, his willingness to do whatever it takes to make Mary happy. It makes it easier to understand what he becomes after Mary's unfortunate, but necessary death.

"I-I would like that, yeah." Mary says softly.

Michael reaches out and touches her as John would, stroking her hair and tracing a thumb along her cheek. "Go to sleep Mary."

Mary curls into him, shuts her eyes and sleeps.

The sexing was wonderful, curious and alien, just like it should be for an angel. The story line was well-planned and although it didn't end where I wanted to, it was still a satisfying ending. And most of all, this story is so unique and original that I'm getting close to gushing. So with a final command, I'm going to sign off before I can do that.

"Go read it, now!"

*hasty departure* Shirley Out.


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