Friday, May 6, 2011

Angelic Thursdays: Superman Tonight

“I used my Grace to heal the wounds on your soul, and accidently bonded us together.”

Gabriel's words in the warehouse broke Sam, and now he's determined to fix it. Only he goes a little too far and unwillingly creates a bond between them that can't be destroyed - not ever. Loyal to a human, he aids the Winchesters where he can, ranging from keeping dear ol' Lucy out of Sam's head to saving Castiel's life.

This story is truly amazing. I couldn't stop reading it, and when I reached chapter 18, I actually screamed 'nooooooooo' at the top of my lungs because there wasn't more for me to enjoy. There will be though, seeing as this is a WIP, and that thought keeps me going.

Really, you should all try it, you won't regret it!

Here's a short segment:

“Why are you here, Gabriel?” Sam spat the Archangel’s name out like a curse. The almost non-existent flinch he got was not as satisfying as he would’ve expected. He hated having to associate this mockery of what an Angel should be with what he’d always so firmly believed. ‘The Trickster’ or ‘Trickster’ just didn’t roll off the tongue properly though, not in a one-on-one conversation. Sam ignored the small voice in the back of his head that pointed out that Gabriel was a lot closer to his idea of Angel than some of the Angels they’d met (Uriel and Zachariah immediately sprung to mind).

“Maybe I was bored – you’re always such fun Sammy!” The grin Gabriel had pasted back on didn’t reach his eyes, in fact it looked almost painful. Sam had had enough bullshit to last ten lifetimes, and didn’t have the energy today to deal with anymore.

“No.” Cold, hard, a single-worded demand for the truth, just this once, for a change. He watched Gabriel’s face closely, saw indecision flicker, and then the serious almost-frown was back, Amber eyes almost sad-looking.

“Couldn’t be easy could it?!” The mutter was so quiet Sam almost didn’t catch it. Before he could figure it out, Gabriel continued. “You needed someone to talk to kid, and somehow I don’t see Dean-o having a very open ear at the moment, what with his burgeoning relationship with alcoholism – and as for my bro, well, he still hasn’t quite grasped the many subtleties of human emotion has he? So, by some freaky-assed process of elimination, that left me.”

Sam couldn’t help it. His jaw dropped, his eyebrows rose, and he spluttered incomprehensibly as he tried to make sense of that. Was he – was Gabriel offering to be his own personal shoulder to cry on?! Not that he had any intention of crying anywhere, let alone on this confusing being’s shoulder, but seriously?!

“Very articulate there Sammy!” Okay, so Gabriel was still snarking – the world wasn’t quite upside-down then, just slightly sideways perhaps?

“It’s Sam.” He didn’t even realise he’d said it, his brain still trying to process what was happening.

“Of course it is Sammy!” The grin – the real one, that made Gabriel’s eyes sparkle (and he was not just thinking about how sparkly his eyes were, goddammit!) – reappeared full-force for a quick second, before settling back into the still-disconcerting serious expression. “I know you don’t like me very much – Hell, you probably hate me – and I know that’s my own fault. Believe it or not I was trying to help at The Mystery Spot, I just didn’t have all the facts. Not that that’s the point right now – another story, another time. The point is, Sammy, I may not be your first choice when you go looking for a sympathetic ear, but right now you don’t have any better options, and you need something. Every little thing you keep locked up in that stubborn brain of yours is one more weapon you give my brother in his battle to get you to say yes.”

“What? What do you care?! Last week you were a whole cheering section for the ‘play your parts’ team, now all of a sudden you’ve switched sides?” Disbelief battled anger as Sam half-shouted at the Archangel in front of him. He didn’t understand what Gabriel’s game was, couldn’t see where the trick was this time. Perhaps he was just hoping he could find out something useful. Well screw that! Sam might have fallen for Ruby’s tricks, but he’d wised up since then. He’d had to.

Well, that's it for me. Catch ya later!

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