Thursday, June 2, 2011

Angelic Thursdays: To Reign In Hell

This isn’t Castiel, not as you knew him. The man you loved, he would have never done this.

It has been three years since the Apocalypse and everything changed. Castiel has given up his angel-status and gone mortal, all for his beloved Dean with whom he now shares a 'loving' relationship. But this domesticated life they created for themselves isn't without troubles, because when Dean becomes sick, the whole world gets turned upside down again.

That's the prelude to the story and already several boxes of Kleenex are needed, just to get through this heart-breaking chapter.

The actual story is about Castiel, who has voluntarily given up Heaven to be with Dean. By making this decision out of free will, he's no longer welcome in the kingdom above and has gotten him a one-way ticket to Hell.

Centuries later, Castiel who has become a second Azazel, threatens to destroy everything they worked for in his quest to free his master, Lucifer. Of course, the armies of Heaven aren't all too pleased with their former brother and they send Dean back. He will be the final attempt to reach what's left of the old Castiel, and should he fail, smiting will be the only solution.

Can Dean reach his former lover? Can he bring him back from the darkness? Or is it too late?

A segment:

Fury swelled in him again and he roared out of the parking lot, thinking. It made no sense. Whatever Dean had done to him earlier, he should have been able to do it long distance. If he had powers that strong, certainly he would have been able to sense them. Which left the option that it wasn’t Dean, but something else entirely. He shoved it out of his mind, still frustrated and jumpy when he pulled up in front of the motel. He wrenched the door open, stepped in and scanned the room, ready to find Dean missing.

He wasn’t. He was there on the bed, sprawled out asleep in a boxers and a dirty white t-shirt. His cock gave an interested jerk, and for a second he was almost shocked. Still, it shouldn’t have been surprising. The explanation was obvious. Problem or not, there was no denying Dean Winchester was an attractive man. If there was one thing demons learned early on, it was to take whatever they wanted. He’d learned, first from Macchion he assumed though he honestly did remember little to nothing of the beginning. After that, though, he’d followed his example, taken the ones that interested him off the rack when he was curious. All hatred he wanted to direct at the man aside, in the absence of any other sexual outlet, this could be convenient.

He crossed the room quick, toeing off his shoes and unbuckling his belt on his way. He was on Dean before he was awake, one hand closing tight around both his bruised wrists, his body pressing Dean’s into the bed. Dean sucked in a sharp breath as he woke, his eyes snapping wide for a minute before settling, understanding reaching them far sooner than Castiel would have expected.

“Want something, Cas? Go ahead.” His voice was rough, sleepy, more sincere than it should’ve been. It was wrong, out of place, and it only made him angrier.

“I don’t need your permission.”

“No, I bet you don’t.” He saw his throat move as he swallowed, his bright green eyes flicking away to look intently at the wall. “But you have it anyway.”

His eyes narrowed and he pulled back enough to flip him over, shoving him into the bed hard with one hand to the center of his back. He had already worked his pants open and he shoved them down now, pulled himself out. He was already hard, more than he would’ve expected. Still, it didn’t matter. It certainly wasn’t a problem. He bunched Dean’s shirt up on his back to press a hand against flat skin, unsurprised to feel a wound reopening, bleeding against his palm. He yanked his boxers down quick, perfunctory, barely hesitated long enough to slide his blood slick hand over himself. It was more than he would’ve done in the Pit, enough that Dean wouldn’t be out of commission for as long as he would’ve been if he’d used nothing at all.

He shoved in hard, groaned at the heat, ignored the sound he heard from the man below him. It didn’t matter. He was hot and tight and even marked up his back was beautiful, lithe muscles contracting tantalizingly under Castiel’s hand. It was meant to be quick, and it was. He rutted against him hard, gasped and dug one hand into the mattress when he came. He panted, rested a moment on one arm before pulling out, jerking his pants back into place.

“Thank you, Dean. Just what I needed.”

He hadn’t looked at him much beyond his back and his ass, honestly, and when he did now he could see his eyes shut tight, his jaw clenched even tighter and almost shaking. “Course. Anytime, Cas.” His voice shook just a little, enough to be noticed.

He opened his mouth, had a reply on the tip of his tongue but his head was suddenly exploding, pain so intense he was almost doubled over with it.

This story is amazing. It made me cry, laugh and even pray for a happy ending. Whether they got it or not, I'm not telling. But it's been a while since a story affected me as much as this one. So go read it. I'm sure you won't regret it.

I just have to say one more thing before I go: I know a lot of you are thinking, "Demon!Cas? That's so not my thing.". Don't. This story will surprise you. It was nothing like I expected from the summary. It was a hundred times better. So, lovelies, just read it. It will blow your mind.

And that's it for me. Catch y'all later!

Shirley Out.

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