Friday, January 14, 2011

Episode Review: Yellow Fever

With Supernatural on Winter Break, each of us are posting reviews for three of our favorite episodes. The first episode I picked is 'Yellow Fever'.


First of all, I have to say that Scared Dean is absolutely adorable! I wanted to hug him even more than usual, because the poor guy was just shy of peeing his pants, and needed a strong shoulder to lean on.

After the initial worry of hearing hell hounds in the distance, I wasn't given the time to catch my breath. This episode was just too hilarious for my health. It all started with "Run! It'll kill you!" and then the camera switched to one of those rich, spoilt Yorkies that spend their days in the bag of some neurotic old lady in a pair of tights with tiger print. The damn animal even has a silly little pink bow on top of its head.

Then the episodes goes back to 43 hours before, where Sam and Dean are in the morgue with a coroner that made me go "Seriously?". He was so blasé about everything and just cracked me up big time.
With lines like "Everybody drops dead sooner or later, that's why I've got job security." and "Good, cause these suckers can get pretty ripe." I officially dubbed him my favorite coroner ever. Then there is the fact that he just keeps thrusting organs and bodily fluids in the Winchesters' direction, which made the whole ordeal even better.

As if the nutty body-carver wasn't enough, we are introduced to the local Sheriff, who's an anti-germ freak. Lubricating his hands every five seconds isn't enough to make this individual unique, because then he admits to being a 'Gamecock' along with the dead guy Dean and Sam are investigating.

After that, Dean's symptoms slowly start to appear. First, he's afraid of a group of teenagers hanging out in the streets, then it's Marie, the big snake that likes to crawl all over his fear-stinking body. As if that's not odd enough, suddenly he drives the speed limit and refuses to make a left turn. When the EMF starts reacting to him, it's evident that something's wrong.

Calling Bobby for help, Sam discovers that Dean has gotten something called 'ghost sickness'. The conversation between Sam and Dean although serious, is downright hilarious. Mostly because of the mention of not only Gamecocks, but also Cornjerkers. I don't know about you guys, but having two 'softball' teams with names that make me think of entirely different 'balls' doesn't exactly make it easy to stay serious. Finishing up the conversation, Dean expresses his sudden fear of heights.

The scene in the mill that follows soon after, is one of my favorite scenes in this episode. Why, you ask? Dean refuses to carry a gun, because...get a load of this, it could go off. His scream at sight of the kitten had me roaring with laughter all throughout the rest of the scene. I laughed so hard, I nearly missed the part where he ran from a ghost. Yep, Dean Winchester ran from a ghost. Who would have thought, right?

Dean gets more and more agitated, and as they go visit Luther's brother the alterations in his character have become so much more obvious. He's afraid of going to jail for impersonating an FBI-agent and overcompensates way too much when Mr. Garland asks him to show his badge. 
DEAN: This isn't gonna work. Come on, these badges are fake. What if we get busted?
We could go to jail.
SAM: Dean, shh! Calm down. Deep breath, okay? (Dean takes a deep breath.) There. You feel better? (Dean shakes his head no.) Just come on. Don't scratch.
SAM: Mr. Garland. Hi uh, I'm Agent Tyler. This is Agent Perry, FBI. We'd like to ask you a few questions about your brother Luther.
MR. GARLAND: Let me see some I.D.
SAM: Certainly.
DEAN: Those are real, obviously. I mean, who would pretend to be an FBI agent, huh? That's just nutty.

After the talk with Mr. Garland, Sam and Dean are outside by their car, when Dean finally has some sort of a meltdown. The rant that ensues is my absolute favorite scene of this episode, and so I took the liberty of adding that transcript as well. Check it out.

DEAN: Now we know what these are, road rash. And I'm guessing Luther
swallowed some wood chips when he was being dragged down that road.
SAM: Makes sense. You're experiencing his death in slow motion.
DEAN: Yeah well, not slow enough, huh? Say we burn some bones and get me healthy.
SAM: Dean, it won't be that easy.
DEAN: No, no, it'll be that easy. Why wouldn't it be that easy?
SAM: Luther was road-hauled. His body was ripped to pieces. He was probably scattered all over that road. There's no way we're gonna find all the remains.
DEAN: You're kidding me.
SAM: Look, we'll just have to figure something else out.
DEAN: You know what? Screw this.
SAM: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Dean.
DEAN: Come on. No, I mean, come on, Sam. What are we doing?!
SAM: We're hunting a ghost.
DEAN: A ghost, exactly! Who does that?
SAM: Us.
DEAN: Us? Right. And that Sam, that is exactly why our lives suck. I mean, come on, we hunt monsters! What the hell?! I mean, normal people, they see a monster, and they run. But not us, no, no, no, we -- we search out things that want to kill us. Yeah? Huh? Or eat us! You know who does that? Crazy people! We...are insane! You know, and then there's the bad diner food and then the skeevy motel rooms and then the truck-stop waitress with the bizarre rash. I mean, who wants this life, Sam? Huh? Seriously? Do you actually like being stuck in a car with me eight hours a day, every single day? I don't think so! I mean, I drive too fast. And I listen to the same five albums over and over and over again, a-and I sing along. I'm annoying, I know that. And you --you're gassy! You eat half a burrito, and you get toxic! I mean, you know what? (tosses Sam the keys) You can forget it.
SAM: Whoa, Dean. where are you going?
DEAN: Stay away from me Sam, okay? Cause I am done with it. I'm done with the monsters and -- and -- and the hellhounds and the ghost sickness and the damn apocalypse. I'm out. I'm done. Quit.

Dean's hallucinations take on new heights, while Sam's out trying to find a way to kill the ghost and save his brother. Visited by a Demon-Sam, Lilith, and even the local Sheriff who unfortunately doesn't live to tell the tale, his panic increases constantly.

The apparition of Lilith was a surprise, but it fitted wonderfully and as she taunts Dean to the point of getting a heart attack, I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat. Anxious, just like Dean, I watched and prayed that Sam would be in time to stop this seemingly invincible ghost.

Of course, Supernatural wouldn't still be running, if it didn't end well. In the nick of the time, naturally, but at least Dean got saved, so I can't complain.

Now let's watch a recap of this episode's greatest hits here.

Well, that's it for our first episode review. You'll be seeing a lot more in the coming weeks.

Shirley out!

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