Friday, January 14, 2011

Fanfiction in the Spotlight: Because you're mine

I wish to turn the first spotlight on 'Because You're Mine' by linseyloveandtea. Now, a fair warning to all the people who don't like slash, this is not the story for you. It's a delicious, fingerlicking Destiel story, and we all know what that means.

In this story that finds place after 'Caged Heat', Dean is troubled by the fact that Cas is attracted to Meg. He ponders about it all night, and no matter how much he wants to, he just can't stop thinking about it.
When Cas appears, having heard Dean call out to him in his sleep, things get clearer.

Unable to deny their attraction any longer, Dean and Castiel share a wonderful night of passion, followed by a loving revelation.

Here's a short segment from this wonderful story;

"Hello, Dean."

Dean cleared his throat out of embarrassment, trying to shake off the surprise that was probably all over his face. He started to approach the angel curiously.
"Cas… I thought… you were busy with your crazy angel war upstairs…?"

Cas broke eye contact with Dean, looking at the floor.
"Yes… the war is continuing on without me. I will have to return soon to establish order. I just… suppose I wanted to offer you company."

Dean felt a twinge of annoyance and confusion. "Company?" he asked. "I thought your problems were bigger than ours. You made that kind of clear the last few times you were around. Didn't think you had time for little pit stops."

Cas's mouth twitched, his eyes still lingering on the floor.
"Yes, but, I sensed distress down here."
Dean was confused. Distress? What the hell is he talking about?
"Cas, nothing has been happening since we saw Crowely. What distress are you even talking about? If there was some shit going down, I would have prayed to you. And I haven't."

"You have." Cas finally looked up with him, his eyes wide but sure, the cerulean blue staring deep into Dean.
He swallowed, still confused. A small, sarcastic grin. "I think I would remember if I had prayed to you, Cas." But Castiel was shaking his head before he even finished. Dean's brow furrowed.

"No. You…" Cas' eyes searched Dean's a little more thoroughly, his head tilting curiously. Dean's heart was pounding, now. "Forgive me. You were calling out to me in your sleep…"
And that's when Dean's stomach dropped. He what? "I what?" he blurted out without thought.

Castiel stood then, and Dean felt his face burn, and he cursed himself silently for it. Cas stepped towards him, his blue eyes never leaving the man's green. The intensity of his gaze and the new proximity made Dean look away now, fully embarrassed and speechless. There was absolute silence. Dean felt he should say something, cover up for it, make up some stupid fucking excuse but he couldn't. The part of him that wanted to tell Cas everything, to hold onto him, all the urges he ever felt were fighting to his surface- which Dean told himself he'd never allow. He never expected to be cornered like this. Never-

If you want to read more, and get down to the spicy stuff, you will have to go read it. Do it now!
Also, I want to compliment linseyloveandtea for writing a Castiel that is so alike the one we get to watch every week. His choice of words, his reserved manner, and his awkwardness at first, really reminds me of the real deal.

Wonderfully done!

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