Thursday, February 17, 2011

Angelic Thursday: If On a Winter's Night a Fangirl

“Chuck,” Becky said, slowly and carefully and very, very seriously. “I think someone is trying to communicate with us through the fanfic.”

If On a Winter's Night a Fangirl by trinityofone 

Although this isn't a regular angel story and centers mostly around Becky, I still found it perfect to share. 
The story starts out with a sleep-deprived Becky slipping out of bed to read some fanfiction. It has been ages, and with Chuck's snoring she won't be able to sleep a wink anyway. When she opens her account, she reads a request to beta from someone called renegadeangel. Thinking the message was incredibly nice, she starts to read it, although she doesn't like it. It's written in present time and in the second person, something Becky despises. But still she keeps reading, only to be surprised by the fact that this person is describing her current situation, down to Chuck's snoring. 

She closes the laptop and goes to bake, too shook up to continue. The next morning she tries to tell Chuck, who thinks she has lost her mind. She even tries to show him, but the story has been replaced by a Dean/Castiel fanfic. Chuck is traumatized and doesn't believe her, and Becky is downright pissed. 
As the day progresses the story keeps changing and after an unsuccesful call to Dean to discover whether or not he is doing his angel-buddy, Becky finally decides to go for the most direct approach; she texts Castiel. 

The angel appears and reluctantly takes a look at the pornographic tales on Becky's computer. Surprisingly, he isn't as traumatized as the Winchesters were upon discovery of Wincest and actually believes her. He calls in everyone's aid to look through the porno for the hidden messages of a source unknown. 

Will they find it?

Here's a short segment:

“Chuck,” she said suddenly, “I think Lucifer hacked my computer!”

Chuck spent several seconds nearly choking to death on a raisin. Fortunately, Becky proved to be a robust back-patter, and Raphael didn’t appear to intercede on behalf of Chuck’s life.

“What?” he finally managed to ask.

“Or maybe it was Zachariah,” Becky amended. She gave him a brief summation of what had happened.

“Wait, you still read fanfic?” Chuck stared at her with wide eyes and a curled lip. “Still?”

“So?” Even though she was defending her internet porn habit, Becky felt righteous in her indignation.

“You know they’re real people,” Chuck hissed, blushing. “You’ve met them.”

“You seriously want to launch a tired RPS debate right now? My laptop may be possessed!”

“Your laptop isn’t possessed,” Chuck said with a dismissive sigh.

“Are you saying you don’t believe me?”

“I’m saying,” Chuck said carefully, as if to a small child, “that it was the middle of the night and you may not have been thinking super clearly—”

Becky growled, turned on her heel, and stomped out of the room—a series of actions that might have been more effective if she hadn’t still been wearing her killer rabbit slippers. She snatched her laptop off the chair where she’d left it and stomped back. “There,” she said, thrusting the computer at Chuck. “See for yourself.”

Chuck gave her an annoyingly tolerant look and lifted the screen. His expression remained the same for a few seconds as the laptop woke up and he started to read. Then abruptly his eyes went wide and he sprang melodramatically backward. “Fuck, Becky! Are you possessed? Why would you make me read that?”

This was not the reaction Becky had been expecting. She had kind of been hoping that Chuck would read the story, suck in a long breath, announce that they needed to call Sam immediately, and then spend the time until the Winchesters arrived apologizing profusely to Becky for ever doubting her. Instead he was acting like she’d made him look at a picture of the goatse guy.

She turned the laptop toward herself and looked. 
I really loved this story. It gets downright hilarious, especially when Becky starts to see certain things happening between Castiel and Dean, that might indicate the writer of this angelporn is right about his assumptions. But there are just too many funny moments to name. So, go read it! You won't be sorry. 

That's it for today. Hope to see y'all really soon.

Shirley Out. 

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