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Episode Review: Unforgiven

Hey there! Sorry for the lateness! This is my first Episode Review so kinda nervous, bear with me.So last episode the boys were back and with a freaking vengeance right?! After that long behind break we needed some really good episodes and they did not disappoint after the “dragon” episode.

Unforgiven, episode 13, started off with a flash back from one year ago. You see Sam and Samuel (Papa Campbell as I like to call him) in a barn sorta thing and Sam goes all badass and shoots up everything. Then they get stopped by this cop while trying to leave town. At this point you’re like oh crap, what the hell is going on with soulless Sammy and Gramps. But when the cops tries to arrest them and Sam beats the guy till he’s unconscious you’re like, whoa, go soulless Sammy.

Flash back over and now we’re back with Dean and Sam in the present. Sam is watching TV, trying to “Catch up” on all the stuff he missed. Sam goes asks Dean, “Mel Gibson really took a turn this past year, huh?” “Or he's possessed.” He answers. I’m surprised they didn’t throw in a Lindsey Lohan joke.

Sam is wondering about the ‘Mother of All’ stuff from the end of last episode but according to Bobby, it’s all quiet. All of a sudden Sam gets a mystery text of some coordinates. Being the little geek he is, he looks it up and low and behold, 3 women have disappeared from the town.

If you haven’t figured out already, the town happens to be the same one from the flash back, but more on that later.

So on the way through the town Sam starts getting some flash backs. Kinda like how you do when you’ve been on a real good acid trip? No? Alrighty then.

Now the bros are in a restaurant, trying to figure out what all the victims, who have seemed to just vanish in thin air, have in common. Dean picks up one of the missing people flyers and says “This one has a bit of a wild side. It’s all in the eyes Sam.” [eye motion here]

I thought this was hilarious partly because the person missing had my name, go figure.

So far none of the girls have a connection. Dean heads to the bathroom, leaving Sam alone. That is until a woman and her husband come up to Sam saying hi to Agent Roark. *snorts* She proceeds to ask him if he’s back in town because of the disappearances started up again. She wonders where Sam partner is, Papa Campbell.

Where's your partner? The big bald guy? Agent Wynand, right?

Agent Wynand, of course. Well—

Sex rehab. Yeah, you've heard of plushies, right?

This made me die laughing because I had to look up what a plushie was and its someone with a sexual fetish related to stuffed toys. And that just made me think of the episode with the suicidal stuffed bear.

When the woman touches Sam’s shoulder on her way out, Sam gets another freaky flash back. And when I say freaky I mean Freaky with a capital F. It’s Sam and said woman getting it on all rough style in a bathroom. She even asks Sam to cuff her. Now I don’t know about you but I sure as hell would want Sam to cuff me, spank me, and do whatever he wants to me. But I digress.

What was that? She just cougar-eyed you.

I think Samuel and I have worked a case in this town.

You think? (Dean shows Sam a polaroid he got from the wall of customers who won the restaurant's eating challenge, which shows Sam and Samuel in the background, behind a winner) Come on. Let's get the hell out of here.

Dean wants to leave the town but Sam wants to stay and work the case. The last time Sam worked the case the missing people were men and this time its women. But Dean isn’t hearing any of that. He wants to go and reminds Sam that there is a reason that hunters don’t work the same city twice. But Dean’s concern is that Sam is going to scratch the wall. You know how they say don’t scratch your scabs or they will never heal? Yeah, this is the same theory.

Dean gives in and helps Sam investigate. They split up, Dean going to follow up with the missing girl’s roommate. While at the house with her, Dean finds a card from Agent Roark. He asks her some questions and the roommate informs him that Sam and Nicole may have had a questionable relationship the last time Sam was there.

DEAN (finds a business card from "Agent H. Roark" ) Where'd you get this?

NICOLE'S ROOMMATE Oh, Nicole got that from that FBI guy.

DEAN Agent Roark. About -- about yea high? (Dean puts his hand up and gestures about a foot above his head)

NICOLE'S ROOMMATE Yeah, that was him. One of the men that disappeared last year lived in our building.

DEAN Right.

NICOLE'S ROOMMATE So Agent Roark was asking us all questions about it, I guess.

DEAN You guess? So he -- he came by here?

NICOLE'S ROOMMATE Oh, he came -- by a few times.

DEAN Did he? To, uh...Speak to Nicole.


DEAN And how would you...Characterize their relationship?

NICOLE'S ROOMMATE Relationship? No, they weren't having a --

DEAN just the -- the -- the tone or the nature of their conversation.

NICOLE'S ROOMMATE Well...Loud. And...Athletic.

While dean is otherwise busy with the roommate, Sam ends up getting arrested by the same cop that he beat up in the flashback from the beginning of the episode. The cop thinks that Sam is the one that is responsible for the missing people from last time. And we learn that the Sheriff of the town is missing now as well.

Sam gets a visit from the Sheriff’s wife and she lets him know that she knows the truth about him and his hunting. Cut to flashback, Sam and Samuel tell the Sheriff and the wife the truth. About the hunting and what they think they is taking the people.

The wife (Brenna) ends up breaking Sammy out so they can figure out what’s happening. Cut to the cougar from the restaurant drinking some box wine at home. She goes down into the basement to get some more. The light doesn’t work and it’s all dark. Now if it was me I would have said fuck it cause this is how all horror movies and dumb people die. Low and behold something grabs her leg and drags her off. Dumb cougar.

Dean meets back up with Sam and lets him know that the missing girl was someone that he banged the last time he was there.

DEAN Hey, Sam. So, how does it feel to be a fugitive again? Hate to say "I told you so."

SAM You love to say "I told you so."

DEAN Actually, you're right -- I do love to say "I told you so." So, I found out something on, uh, "crazy eyes McGee." Turns out you two knew each other.

SAM What?

DEAN Biblically. I just spoke to her roommate. I got to say, man -- you really got around. I mean, soulless or not I'm actually kind of impressed.

*laughs* Loved the biblically line. Classic Dean.

The boys end up hearing about another missing person on the police scanner that they have and Dean goes to check it out. Surprise, surprise it’s cougar lady. And Dean figures it out and calls Sam but gets his voicemail.

(Dean calls Sam's phone and gets his voicemail)

SAM'S PHONE This is Sam. Leave a message.

DEAN Sam, answer the phone, damn it. I found the connection between the missing chicks. They all banged the same dude -- You. It's you, Sam. The texts, the victims, all of it -- it's a trap for you. Call me back.

Sam breaks into Brenna’s house and she lets him know that cougar is gone. Him and her end up looking at the old case files from when Sam was there last so he can basically retrace his steps. While looking through all the evidence, Sam is getting flash backs once again. Oh

SAMUEL Best guess --it came from an Arachne.

SAM You ever seen one?

SAMUEL No one has -- not outside of Crete, not for about 2,000 years.

Now if you’re a movie buff like myself you know that Arachne sounds like Arachnophobia which that movie was about what…. Spiders!!

So Sam figures out what we’re dealing with and borrows the files from Brenna. When he leaves he listens to Dean’s message about it being a trap for him. Now in this shot you see the spiderwebs behind Sam’s head. You see that something is looking at Sam from afar with buggy looking eyes. Its creepy as hell. He ends up running into Dean and they go back to their hideaway.

Sam fills in Dean on the fact that it’s an Arachne and Dean wants to get the hell out of dodge. But now that this Sammy is all soulful he can’t just leave. Dean once again that if he keeps trying to remember stuff and scratching at that wall that it isn’t going to be pretty. Sam is so adamant about staying and fixing the mess that he has left. So they stay.

Therefore, they start trying to piece together all the information that they have and backtrack everything. More flashbacks and we find out that Sam and Samuel use the Sheriff as SpiderBait (Samuel’s word not mine lol) and he gets snatched up. They track it back to a building by the docks and finds all the men that were taken trabbed in web. The men seem dead at first and then they all start gasping for air, along with the Sheriff. The Arachne comes out of nowhere and starts fighting Sam. Samuel shoots her but Sam cuts off her head. Bye Bye Spider-woman.

After she’s gone, Samuel tries to save the Sheriff but Sam says the men are too far gone to be saved and he ends up shooting the sheriff in the head, along with the other men. Now we’re caught back up to where the episode began.

Back to the present, Brenna is alone in her house, or so we think we are until we see her supposed to be dead husband, looking just like the dead spider woman. Sam ends up calling Brenna to check up on her and she asks them to come over. Sam gets a feeling that something is up so they swing by.

SAM Dean, back door.

DEAN Sam. Light's on in the shed. My spidey senses are tingling.

SAM Shh.


SAM Brenna? Hey.

BRENNA What you did to Roy...Is it true?

(Roy attacks Dean, then Sam and grabs Sam by the throat)

ROY Answer the question, Sam.

That spidey tingling line was probably the funniest thing in the whole episode.

Once we get back from the stupid commercials (Damn CW) Sam and Dean are all trapped in web. We also find out that the Arachne wasn’t in town to eat the men but inside to mate. So when Sam ended up shooting those men, nothing happened to them because they were already in the changing process. He

Roy, the sheriff who came back for revenge, ended up turning all the girls that were taken into Arachne just like him. While he is telling his story like all the good villains do, Dean is working on getting out of the web. He cuts himself out and goes after Roy. While they are fighting, Brenna sets Sam free and he takes the machete and ends up cutting Roy’s head off. Bye bye Spider-man.

While the boys are packing up leaving, Sam feels like crap for all the stuff he did when he was all soulless. Dean tries to make him feel better and explain that it wasn’t really him.

DEAN You okay?

SAM You were right. We shouldn't have come back here.

DEAN Well, you did kill uh...spider man.

SAM So, you're suggesting what I did back there was a good thing?

DEAN I'm just saying --

SAM What?

DEAN Sam, y-y-you got to understand that all that crap last year -- all of it -- none of it was you.

SAM Let's be crystal clear, okay? It was me.

DEAN Well, can I get you anything?

SAM What are you now, my waitress?

DEAN I'm just trying to make you feel better. Don't be a bitch.

SAM Yeah, I'm fine.

DEAN Yeah, you look fine. All I'm saying is everything's gonna be okay.

SAM I don't know, Dean. If I did this here, then who knows how many oth--

Get ready for the real kicker! All of a sudden Sam goes down and is twitching like he’s on fire. His eyes are blank and he’s staring but he’s not really seeing. Then they cut to Sam in a fiery pit and his skin is on fire and then black.

What. The. Actual. Fuck. Right?? 

Catch ya laters! <3

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