Thursday, February 10, 2011

Angelic Thursday; Vague Discomfort

Can you imagine it? Two angels and the Winchesters sitting down for dinner, while the more holy of the bunch are doing unseen, but exciting things...That's exactly the setting for this short story, written by sky_so_blu.

In 'Vague Discomfort', Gabriel decides to pop in uninvited for dinner. His intent isn't to annoy the brothers, although his presence does, but to play a little with his younger brother. He's amused by the brothers, but more so by Castiel, who is really sensitive to his 'attention'.

It's not a very graphic, or obscene story, but rather beautiful and perhaps endearing in its own way.
Their touches are invisible, and their Grace mostly does the talking for them. Castiel, although uncomfortable at first, is magnificent in his surrender. And I have to say, I swooned occasionally.  Especially when they added in the wings!! Damn, I'm such a sucker for wings. That part nearly brought me to my knees.
This very short story, is a real must-read!

A short segment;

On the levelling on his head, he turned to face Castiel again and his breath caught. The angel had turned halfway and was looking at him steadily, eyes glowing with desire and lips parted just enough to make Gabriel’s interest perk up almost unbearably. Please, he heard in his mind, echoing the hitch in Castiel’s voice he knew he’d have if they were alone. Please, Gabriel.

And damn it. He could never say no, especially when Castiel looked at him like that, all ruffled, grace sliding against his and wings quivering with restrained pleasure. Oh hell yeah.

He poured more grace out, enveloping the younger angel, caressing his face, pressing down on where he knew Castiel needed it most. He felt more than saw the beautiful wings arching upwards when the human body jerked.

Distantly, he noticed that the Winchesters had stopped bickering, their faces slowly flushing as burgeoning realization hit them. With equally horrified looks switching from Gabriel’s hungry, intent stare at the younger angel and Castiel’s soft, erratic pants – this was a diner for fuck’s sake! – they shifted awkwardly and tried to focus back onto their suddenly uninteresting dinners. No way were they going to look. Dean reminded himself to bleach his eyes out later.

Gabriel knew Castiel was beautiful, but unrestrained, in all his glory, Castiel was breathtaking. He heard his brother’s breath speeding up and Gabriel felt an impossibly strong urge to lean over and touch, but he wanted to watch. His cock throbbed dangerously when Castiel pressed a wing forward and slid it between the two of his. All six of them stretched out eagerly to touch the other’s grace, and the pulse of desire he felt was almost enough to unravel his control.

The wing! I need to go and watch Lucifer Rising now. For visualization's sake.
I would say more, but I'm dying a little bit and this angel h00r is in desperate need of a breather.
See you soon!

Shirley Out!

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