Monday, February 28, 2011

Artsy Monday: Destiel Valentines

Monday again...Don't we just hate Mondays? The start of yet another week of hard work, which usually begins with reluctantly dragging out asses out of bed, and wishing they would just add the day to the weekend. We all could use an extra day of leisure, right?

Well, despite it being such a terrible day, and being all grumpy, I got something for you that will cheer you up for sure. It cheered me up!

Didn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? It's absolutely adorable. I love how Silently-dreaming managed to stay true to the characters, because let's be honest. Those lines are just dripping with Cas- and Dean-awesomeness! Leave the artist some love, it's well-deserved.

And now, all I can do is hope that Castiel will decide to pay me a visit. Preferably for my Birthday though, because Valentine is still too far off. *winks*

Well, that was it, folks. See you soon!

Shirley Out.

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