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Episode Review: Like a Virgin

The hot bros are BACK! This episode, in my (and it seems everyone’s) opinion, was an insanely epic way of coming back from the Christmas Hellatus. With an episode title that’s “Like a Virgin”, you knew you were in for a laugh. And dude, this episode had me in stitches of laughter.
The amount of geek references was crazy. The episode starts of with a rather freaky scene that we’ve seen before in the early days of Supernatural: A small plane crashing. A couple are on a plane ride, on a stormy night. Yes, I thought that was ridiculous. Plane rides during a storm? Neat move, boyfriend. So the girlfriend sees something outside. Something big. “No, Stan. It was not a bird!” It was Superman! I’m kidding. But everyone on Twitter, including myself said that. Geek reference number one! After attempting to comfort her girlfriend, Stan gets snatched out of the plane, through the wind screen and the plane crashes, the scene fading out with her screaming.
I love that after this too long of a hellatus, the first main character we see isn’t the brothers, or Bobby. It’s Castiel. And damn, I am not complaining. Entering the room whilst rolling down the cuffs of his sleeves, seemingly distraught, he walks out of Bobby’s panic room, having just checked out Sam.

Dean: Well?
Castiel: His soul is in place.
Dean: Is he ever gonna wake up?
Castiel: I’m not a human doctor, Dean.
Dean: Could you take a guess?
Castiel: Okay, probably not.
Dean: Oh, well don’t sugar coat it.
Castiel: I’m sorry, Dean, but I warned you not to put that thing back inside him.
Dean: What was I supposed to do? Let T-1000 walk around, hope he doesn’t open fire?
Castiel: Let me tell you what his soul felt like when I touched it. Like it had been skinned alive, Dean. If you wanted to kill your brother, you should’ve done it out right.
Call me weird, but I fangirled over Cas getting mad, with the low husky voice and angry stares at Dean and.. Mmmm, I had to try hard not to drool. ANYWAY.
Without another word from either party, Castiel disappears and we have Bobby talking to Dean. Both are worried about whether or not Sam will wake up and this is where we’re introduced to today’s Supernatural job! Yay! And to liven things up, SAMMY’S BACK! Standing, talking and not drooling on the floor somewhere, at that. Then, of course, we get the wonderful brotherly hug. After this cute Winchester moment, we realise that Sam remembers nothing of the past year when he’s amazed that both Castiel and Bobby are alive after the angel throw down in “Swan Song.”

Dean: So, Sam.
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: What’s the last thing you remember?
Sam: The field. And then I fell.
Dean: Okay, and then?
Sam: I woke up in the panic room.
Bobby: That’s it? You really don’t remember?
Dean: Let’s be glad. Who wants to remember all that hell?
After this scene, I was like Bobby, why so grumpy?! Your nearest-thing-you-have-to-a-son-part-2 is back with a soul, man! After their talk with Sam in the kitchen, we’re told why when Dean and Bobby talk in the garage. Bobby’s having a hard time dealing with the fact that Sam’s back. Because yeah, he’s back and yeah, it’s good that he doesn’t remember his time in the pit. But one, not ten days ago, Sam nearly killed Bobby and two, Bobby knows he hasn’t been in hell and he just wishes that he could tell Sam. Awwh, I love Bobby. Don’t you love Bobby? You’re a fool if you don’t love Bobby. Either way, Dean doesn’t want anyone to say anything to Sam. “It could crack the wall.” No one wants that. And as far as he’s concerned, he wants to send Death a fruit basket. Yeah, he actually said that. WIN.
When Sam walks out while Bobby and Dean are preparing for the job in Oregon, offering to go with them, Bobby, the idjit, made some bogus excuse as to why he couldn’t come now. Sam, noticing something was wrong, asked Dean.
Sam: What was that?
Dean: One part Age, three parts liquor?

I had to laugh at that. Pretty hard. Because knowing Supernatural, when a funny line is whipped out during or after a serious scene, the fun is about to begin. And I was happy as a grinning horse.
Okay, so, they start the job, right? I’m sorry, what was that you say you saw? Did I hear that right? Yes. Yes I did. WINCHESTERS IN SUITS, PEOPLE. The caps were completely necessary. Who doesn’t love Winchesters in suits?! Weirdos, that’s who. The sister of the missing girl (from the plane) was reluctant to let the brothers interview her, but after some convincing by Sam in a totally old Sam, I-have-a-soul-and-I’m-using-it way, she agrees. This act from Sam causes Dean to smile to himself in that utterly adorable Dean fashion. Thank you Sam and God bless you.

Post interview, and the brothers are back in a motel. In true Supernatural style! Trying to deduce what the M.O. of the victims are, Sam says “Looks like those other two missing girls both baked cookies for the Lord.” Revealing that all he could get was that the victims are good girls, Dean come up with another idea. And I could not stop laughing.

Dean: I have another theory. Penny’s diary.
Sam: Did you steal that from her room?
Dean: I love that you even asked me that.
Sam: And why wouldn’t I?
Dean: No reason. So. Girl nabbings. What if it’s not about religion? What if it’s about purity?
Sam: You mean you think they’re all..
“Virgins, Sam. Virgins.” Yes, that’s how Dean Winchester replied.

Words cannot describe how crazy my twitter timeline went. I’m not lying when I say there was a chain of nearly 20 tweets, all saying “VIRGINS, SAM. VIRGINS! HAHAHA.” Or, something along those lines. It was crazy hilarious. What was even better was what followed up from that. Apparently, having a pink room and stuffed teddy bears is reason enough to accurately point out who and who isn’t a virgin. So much Winchester win. Unconvinced, Sam doth protest, but is stopped by Dean.
Dean: I’ve decided. I am going to give Stan my most precious gift.
Sam: Wow. That sounded really creepy coming out of your mouth.
Dean: I think I delivered it.
Sam: You know, you could’ve led with the diary. Y’know.. Anyway. Let’s say you’re right. Fine. Who would want virgins?
Dean: Hey, you got me. I prefer ladies with experience.

In a short scene, school girls are shown to be walking home at night and when one parts from the group, she’s caught in an aerial attack and form what we can tell, it’s big and winged. Having heard about this news, we have Sam and Dean interviewing the victim at the hospital where the victim shows two large scratches. Confused about why this victim survived, Dean, in a very awkward manner, asks her if she’s a virgin and if she should really have been wearing the gold promise ring that was stolen or lost during the attack, to which she replies “Matt Barne didn’t count!”
Sam: So, what? You think Batman tried to rape her?
Dean: Well, he does carry a lot of rage. But he rejected her because she was already dehymenated, huh?
Sam: You think?
Dean: I think it just goes to show that being easy is pretty much all upside.
Oh, Dean. That’s all I could say. While laughing. And having trouble breathing.
Sam: So what kind of thing likes virgin and gold?
Dean: P. Diddy.
Sam: You know, it’s comforting.
Dean: What?
Sam: I die for a year, came back, and you’re still not funny.
Dean: Shut up. I’m hilarious.
Back at the motel, the first thing we hear is geek music and we see a bright, red website on Sam’s laptop. Just on a side note, before seeing this episode, I’d heard rumours about Dragons being in this episode. I was like Dragons? Really? Talk about fangirls gone wild. 17 minutes into the show, and yeah, sure. We’ve gotten hints that this big, not-a-bird and looking like a bat thing could be a dragon. But we had no confirmation. Until Sam says that after searching fire, claws, flying, stealing virgins and gold, he’s led to World of Warcraft fansites. Another geek reference! Funny times. Dean turns around, very hilariously looking clueless with a questioning expression. And there is was.
Sam: Dragons, dude.
I seriously went “No. Freaking. Way.” Nice, Supernatural. Real nice. And not in a sarcastic manner, either. I was really curious as to how they were gonna roll with that, because I knew that if it was really a Dragon, it wasn’t gonna look like a normal Dragon. I mean, after the disgusting shapeshifters, ugly ass vampires and weirdo, not elf-like changelings.. There was no way I was gonna start imagining a huge, lizard-like winged beast. And apparently, neither were Sam and Dean. Wanting confirmation, they call Bobby and he, too, comes up blank, claiming that they’re not like the Lochness Monster and that they don’t exist. (The Lochness Monster exists?! WHUTTT?!) Pushing for more, Dean asks Bobby call around, to which Bobby replies “To who, Hogwarts?” I love geek references so much. But it made me mildly sad when Bobby, in a not so loving way, asked Dean how Momento, aka Sam, was doing.
While looking through his Dad’s journal, Sam comes across the page about skin walkers. While not so sleekly dodging the truth so that Sam doesn’t “Scratch the wall,” Bobby saves Dean by calling and telling him to go to Dr. Visyak, in San Fransisco.
Dean: Alright. I’m going to San Fransisco, figure out how to kill these things. You figure out where they are.
Sam: Wait, wait. Did Bobby say where they like to park?
Dean: No.
Sam: Great, thank the lore.
Dean: Which says what? That they live in middle earth?
Sam: No. Caves.
Dean: Such a nerd…
With an archway, dark, confined space and dripping water, we’re led to believe that we’re seeing what Sam suggested. A cave. We are then shown a cage full of young women – you guessed it. The victims. But what’s that? Flapping wings? Yep, the dragon! Except it’s not a dragon. It’s a human carrying another victim. But he DID have wings! What?! I was watching this with my friend, @melanoma27 and she tweeted me saying “Do Dragons have vessels?” HAHA. Yes. I think so.
So Dean pays a visit to Dr. Visyak. You know what I thought was awesome? That Bobby had a thing with this chick. Rawr.
Dr. Visyak: Bobby Singer… Tell him something for me next time you see him.
Dean: Hmm?
Dr. Visyak: Actually, just kick him in the jewels. It’s more poetic.
Maybe not so rawr. But what Dean was interested in was the fact that Dr. Visyak says she knows what can kill a dragon: a blade forged with Dragon’s blood. “So you need one to kill one, but you gotta kill one to make one – how does that work out?” Precisely, Dean. Complications aside, guess what she has? Yeah. The Sword in the Stone. Wait, what was that? The Sword in the Stone? GEEK REFERENCE. But no, really. The Sword in the Stone was in Dr. Visyak’s basement. Yeah, that’s totally what you use to kill the dragon. You know the story, only a brave night who’s willing to slay the dragon can pull it out. Who better than Dean Winchester? Brave and willing indeed. Yeah… No. Let the GIFs do the talking.

Dean: Son of a bitch, that’s really on there…
You are GENUINELY inhuman if you did not piss yourself laughing at that. Seriously.
Meanwhile, Sam’s in the motel, trying to find anything local and cave like. Bobby, the life saver, helps him out. Still noticing something’s off, Sam questions Bobby. By the look on his face, I really thought he was going to spill. Genuine “Ahh, shite” moment. Bobby being Bobby, however, said nothing. Praise the Lord! Or Cas. Maybe don’t praise Cas… What, did I just say that?! Feeling that Bobby was holding back, Sam turns to someone else – Castiel. Before the serious talk, we can tell that Cas is relieved about Sam being alive. So much so that he goes to hug him. And Sam sits down. WHY?!
Sam: I’d hug you but, uhh..
Castiel: It would be awkward.

Oh, right… I’d still hug Cas. Awkward or not. Curious, Cas questions Sam and slowly, Sam puts the pieces together. Never have so many people at one time wish that Cas would stop talking. But no, he goes on, and tells Sam everything after Sam tells him that his memory’s a bit hazy.
Back in San Fransisco – what’s that Dean’s walking into the basement with? Yep… Saying “explosives?” wouldn’t be stupid in the least. And yep, you guessed it. He plans to bomb that stone like there is no tomorrow after some protesting from Dr. Visyak.
Dean: You rocks think you’re so smart…
Rather smugly, he presses the button, and honestly? I didn’t think it would work. So when he started pulling it out, I was amazed. And then I was in stitches of laughter.
Sam: Hey, what’re we supposed to do with this, Dean? Give it a booster shot?
Hehehe… Off to the sewers they go! After hours of searching, they finally come across gold – a definite sign that Dragons are present. Weirdly enough, they also come across something that looks like a Black Magic Altar. However, hearing virgins’ voices, Sam and Dean have no time to investigate this altar and instead, they go towards the voices. An epic Bro on Dragon fight ensues and at the end, Sam kills one, however the other escapes.
Dragon: Where did you get that? [The dragon slaying blade]
Dean: Comic Con.
Back at Bobby’s Sam apologises, revealing to him that Cas told him everything. With urgency in his voice, Dean begs Sam with urgency not to scratch at the wall, stating that knowing the truth will literally kill him. Interrupted by Bobby, they go inside where Bobby tells them that the book from the Altar is an instruction manual to open the doors to Purgatory. Not only to open it, but to bring someone from that side to earth.
Sam: Bring something here? What?
Bobby: I’m working on it.
Dean: Could you give us something?
Bobby: I’ve got a name.
Dean: Okay…
Bobby: Mother?
Sam: Mother? Mother of what, Mother of Dragons?
Bobby: I wish. Says it a few times here. Mother of All.
Dean: What the hell does Mother of All mean?
Bobby: I don’t know.
During the talk, we’re shown scenes from somewhere else. A girl being thrown into an abyss, latin incantations being recited: It’s a ritual. And at the end, the virgin rises from Purgatory, eyes glowing.
Dragon: Welcome.
Mother of All: You’ve kept me waiting… We have so much to do. Let’s get started.
Geek Count, in no particular order: Superman, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, World of Warcraft, The Never ending Story, Comic Con, Batman.
Who can’t wait for next Friday?! That would be me and all hardcore Supernatural fans out there.
Thumpa, out! ;)

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  1. AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I loved this episode so much!!! Great review! Too bad you pissed yourself though... *snorts at "You are GENUINELY inhuman if you did not piss yourself laughing at that. Seriously."*