Thursday, March 24, 2011

Angelic Thursday: Hotter Than Hell

"This is the worst kind of sin." He murmured as he looked down at her body, the lust still there but just being overpowered by the guilt. 
This very, very short fic might not be as angelic as usual, but I truly liked it. It's a Meg/Castiel one shot and after Caged Heat, you got to admit, we've all thought about it at least once. That kiss was freaking hot!
It doesn't get overly graphic, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. I laughed my ass off with the most cliché line I'd ever read. "Ooh you taste like heaven Clarence; but hell, even God knows you're built for sin." 
But that could just be me. Anyway check out the short segment and if you want, which you probably will, go read it! 
It was the most beautiful thing Meg had ever seen. An 'angel of the lord' pinning her to a cheap motel room wall in the middle of the day, so lost, confused, broken and deliciously fallen.

"Ooh you taste like heaven Clarence; but hell, even God knows you're built for sin." She purred as he kissed a trail down her meat suit's neck. What a sight they were, pressed flush against one another, her hands tangled in his black hair, his lips hot on her neck. The angel and the demon, just thinking about it made her want to shiver with pleasure.
"Shut. Up. Stop you're taunting Meg." He growled against her neck before nipping the skin there with his teeth causing her to gasp slightly. She pulled on his hair, dragging his face up so she could look at him. He glared as she grinned at him. He was always like this at the start of their... well. But she'd soon loosen him up, she always did.

"For you Sugar? Anything." She whispered before closing the gap between them and laying a quick kiss on his frowning mouth. "Aw come on feathers, turn that frown upside down." She said, unable to resist taunting him. He kissed her then, hard, gripping her waist tightly. He drew back slightly and before he could do anything else she flipped them round so she had him pinned against the wall.

Go read it now! And I'll see you all soon.

Shirley Out.


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