Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday's Trivia!

Hey everyone! Trivia was fun as usual, but today was a special day. Why, you ask? Well, today was the last day contestants could qualify for Friday's Trivia Death Match.

Every fourth week of trivia there will be a Death Match between the three players who have gathered the most points in the weeks before. The one who wins our Death Match will receive an award.

But first things first. The results for today's trivia:

Thumpa_: 8 points
TwiOthGirly: 7 points
RecklessMarissa: 2 points

The questions I asked:

  1. What song was Jo playing on the jukebox at the end of 'Simon Said'? 
  2. Who said it? "Everybody drops dead sooner or later, that's why I've got job security."
  3. True or False: Madison wolved out after having sex with Sam, just like she had every night before.
  4. What did Sam and Dean use to build bombs with during abandon all hope?
  5. Why did Lilith (little girl) kill the dog? Exact quote, please.
  6. What was the name of the factory where most of 'mannequin 3: the reckoning' takes place?
  7. In which episode do we meet Arachnes?
  8. In how many episodes did we see Alistair?
  9. What happened to Dean to make him look like this?
  10. What did Dean do to the Sword of Bruncvik?
  11. Who plays Gabriel in Supernatural?
  12. True or False: The boy pushing the jock's hand into the blender was the second student to be possessed (After School Special)
  13. Continue the quote "Well, I will see your crazy and raise you some. There’s a couple kids upstairs with ---" (rather long quote)
  14. Give me the episode + character name!
  15. Who's fixing up Dean?
  16. What's the name of Bobby's neighbour?
Here are all the results of the past couple of weeks! 

  1. Thumpa_ : 63 points 
  2. Purupuru: 42 points
  3. TwiOthGirly: 30 points
  4. Shirley_007: 21 points
  5. auberginefedora: 10 points
  6. JustMarissaLaw: 2 points
  7. RecklessMarissa: 2 points
  8. DarklyDamon : 2 points
  9. rubyfromhell : 1 point
  10. ktb3581: 1 point
  11. kaghanyou: 1 points
  12. LadyRoseIsBeast: 1 point
  13. abbynormale: 1 point
Well, that's all from me for now! Seeing as how two of our regular hosts have qualified, I'm certain I'll see you all again on Friday!

Shirley Out!

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