Friday, March 4, 2011

Angelic Thursday : Just Rewards

There's nothing in all creation that'll scratch it. Not them, not anything. Just us.

It's a very different story than most out there. Not only is it Gabriel/Castiel, but the love-making is divine to say the least. 

Both starving for a connection only provided by other angels, Gabriel and Castiel come together in a flurry of wings and Grace. Gabriel sought out Castiel especially, while Cas is weary at the start. 
He can't deny it for too long however, and gives into Gabriel. It's beautiful, it's erotic, it's teasing, and yet it's not graphic or cheap. 

Truly admirable writing skills, if you ask me. 
And there was one line that had me gasping for air; "You know, if you want that bond returned by Dean, there's a lot more moves I can teach you."

Naughty Gabriel, don't we all just love him?

Here's a short segment of the story: 
Castiel turned sharply, instant tension in every part of his body. Of course Gabriel hadn't expected a friendly welcome. He grinned anyway, his posture all casual and smirking.

"I come in peace." He held his hands up dramatically. "Your boys are safe from me. Cross my heart."
Castiel looked suspicious. Clearly his time as an honoree Winchester was having some benefits. If the breaks got put on this apocalypse, he might survive to see the next year. Castiel stepped closer. Gabriel raised his eyebrows as he felt Cas extend his faint limited Grace, probing past Gabriel's vessel and into the Grace beneath to corroborate what Gabriel had claimed. Gabriel let him. Maybe Cas'd make it to two years. The spark between their Graces jolted them both. If all went well today, that would be just an appetizer.

Castiel's Grace retracted, having found the truth. Gabriel had meant what he'd said; no fighting today, no messing with the Winchesters. No apocalypse-themed agenda.
Castiel frowned at him, confused and wary. "Then why are you here?"

Gabriel smiled, like a predator that had found his particularly tasty prey. Castiel rightly held himself tighter. There were no human words for how much Gabriel was looking forward to this.

"I'm armed only with goodwill, bro, concern for you, and a very mutually beneficial proposal. Call it an intervention. There's some things they don't teach you upstairs. Am I right?" Gabriel grinned at the look on Castiel's face that telegraphed loud and clear agreement. "Like, dealing with what you're feeling right now. How long has it been for you, brother? Since you joined? I bet I've got you beat."

Castiel jerked slightly. Clearly not used to anyone down here noticing a little thing like that. The Winchesters wouldn't have any clue about it, probably putting any of his odd behavior down to his sorry lack of social skills.

Gabriel grinned. Their loss. He moved closer, brushing shoulder to shoulder with Cas. His brother's Grace flickered in response, warming up hungrily. Gabriel pressed closer. Contact with any of the Host was a blessing for them both, a luxury. A drug. After so long, it was almost as powerful as being in their Father's presence again. Almost.

"You can feel it, right? That yearning under your skin? That heat, that itching? It's only going to get worse, brother. I know. Imagine centuries of it. There's nothing in all creation that'll scratch it. Not them, not anything. Just us."

Hot damn!! And believe me, it only gets better -much beter- from here on! So go read it now and leave FunkyInFishnet some love. 

See you all soon! 

Shirley Out! 


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