Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wincest Wednesdays! The Late Late Edition!

Sorry, friends, for I have kept you waiting.  But I am here now, with a spicy little one shot wee-cest super!sammy fic for your enjoyment!

[info]bewaretheideas15's journa

Fandom: Supernatural 
Pairing: Dean/Sam 
Rating" NC-17 -- Wordcount: 6,700 
Warnings: Weecest, kind of AU (Sam has different powers), some angst, some schmoop, frottage 
Notes: Like many of my more bizarre ideas, this came from a sentence in another fic that only tangentially mentioned Sam and the weather. My brain terrifies me. Special thanks to [info]paper_storm88 for reading through this and supplying helpful ideas. Also, to everyone who gave me love during my recent whining (it's getting better) - I love you all! And, hey, I finished something! 
Summary - In restrospect, it's the sort of thing that seems obvious, but in their defense,how many people - even people in their line of work - would really sit around and think 'huh, wonder if Sammy can control the weather?" 

There is very little I love more than Weechesters.  The vast unknown that is pre-series leaves a lot to be read. This fic does that and more, by offering a slightly AU aspect.   It begins on a hunt, and doesn't it always? But this time, it's Sam who's there to save Dean, at the risk of his biggest secret.

“You broke the electricity,” he points out, poking Sammy in the side when the kid looks primed to just pass out on him, covered in come on the bathroom floor. Yeah, Dad would just love to stumble in on that in the morning.
Sam grins again and shrugs, “It happens sometimes.”
For whatever reason, that kickstarts something in Dean’s memory, jumping all the way back to last summer when they were staying in that hole-in-the-wall in South Carolina and the power kept going on the blink every couple of hours from all the heat lightning.
“Hey,” he pokes his brother again, a little less playfully this time, “That job back in July with the civil war soldiers, was that you? All the blackouts?”
Sam’s face pulls into something that might be a bit sheepish if Dean could see it right. “You kept washing the freaking car!” shrieks defensively.

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