Monday, March 21, 2011

Artsy Monday: Sam

Hi y'all!! I know I'm posting a little sooner than normal, but I've got a busy day ahead of me and therefore I posted early.

I picked this drawing for three reasons, and I'll tell you exactly what those reasons are. 

First of all, this piece of art blew my mind! It's so detailed and just so striking, that I couldn't bypass it, which I usually do with anything that isn't remotely funny. 
Secondly, it took my breath away, because it's just so...beautiful?
 Or is that the same reason, only worded differently? Meh, semantics. 
And thirdly, and perhaps the most important one: TwiOthGirly is going to love me forever for posting a Sam. And that's always a WIN. Besides, all the fawning and gushing is always nice to hear too. So darling, if you read this, I'm waiting for your OSD-moment. (Obsessive Sam Disorder, duh)

Now you should all see this masterpiece for yourself, and please try to keep the drooling to a minimum, this is a clean place. 
Like I said, I'm not usually into portraits, but you got to stop and stare at this one. 
Euclase, if you read this, you did a marvelous job and I'm in awe of your talent. 
It's truly perfect! 

Well, that's all, folks! See y'all soon! 
Shirley Out. 


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