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Episode Review: And Then There Were None

It starts as any good on-the-road show should, at a gas station.  Our first victim, a trucker named Rick, is unfortunate enough to land himself with a hitch-hiker, the Mother of All Things, who goes by the clever name of Eve.  She wastes no time crawling into his lap, and he wastes even less gently rebuffing her with the Word of God and a religious pamplet.  Calm as ever, she barely smiles as she tells him the Apocalypse came and went, without so much as a wink of God.  

She tells him a Mother would never abandon his child, crawling forward once again to press a kiss to his ear.  Cue blood-curdling screams and a quick-and-dirty cut-scene. 

The next thing we know, our darling Rick is at home beating his wife with a hammer. 

Dressed up pretty in suits and ties, ( I do love a man in uniform and Bobby looks good in a suit) the boys and Bobby follow the trail to the city where Rick killed his wife, posing this week as the ever-faithful FBI agent.  They pull Rick and his lovely orange jumpsuit in for questioning, only to learn he remembers nothing.  Nothing but driving, some kid he gave a ride to, and waking up in his truck at the cannery he works at.   They turn to the oh-so-convenient (gotta love TV) truck stop surveillance camera, snatch the tape and what do they find?

Our dear friend Eve, Mother of All Things. 

Bobby says run, but that just ain't the Winchester way, now is it?

Bobby gets a hint about another shooting, and heads there instead, still dressed in his FBI finest, only to find he police had pumped the victim/crazed-lunatic  full of bullets,  While investigating, he finds Rufus, who quickly convinces them to work together.  To the morgue they go, to examine the crazed-mans corpse, ears filled with black shreds of fabric.  Bobby puts it together; the cannery is the connection. 

Our Winchesters have only just arrived at the cannery, as Rufus and Bobby pull in, Rufus complaining about Bobby's driving, and Bobby ignoring him.  But it looks like a party when eventually they break in and find Gwen and Grandpa-Samuel already inside.  Bent on making his promise good, Dean aims to shoot but no-longer soulless Sam stops him.   Samuel is curt when he tells the boys he's working a job and it's to much for Dean to handle.  He snaps, and father-pro-tem Bobby tells the boys to take a breather, but Sam wants to hear what Samuel has to say.   It isn't until Dean walks away that Samuel gets it; Sams got his soul back and he doesn't remember a thing.   

Samuel: “You must be the guy pretending to be their father."
Bobby: “Well, somebody ought to."   

It's Rufus who gets them back in focus,  reminding them of the hunt in progress, but Bobby can't help and point out that Samuel betrayed his grandchildren.  Gwen's betrayal is real, she hadn't known what happened.  When she chases after Dean to find the truth, she finds herself at the end of his gun.  When the bullet rings out, the hunters come running, but there is no Dean in sight.

It's a spiraling decent from there as Rufus goes after Eve with no chance, and Sam searches for his brother, with the same level of success; none.   Bobby gets their shit together and tells Rufus and Samuel to take Gwens body while Sam and he search for Dean.  Sammy pauses to promise his grandfather one thing; Dean lives, or Sam sinks a bullet into Grandpas face.

In teams of two they search the cannery.   Sam calls Dean, and his phone rings where Rufus and Samuel are searching. They draw on Dean, but Bobby and Sam arrive in time.  Dean explains that a worm thing crawled out of his head and hid away in the vent, and that he can't remember a thing.  Samuel makes the suggestion that it could very well be in side his head still, but Bobby tops that and says it could be in any of them, demanding they all relinquish their guns.  Rufus and Bobby make some calls, in an attempt to figure out just what their fighting while Samuel heads for the the bathroom, just daring his grandsons to follow him.  Which they do, of course, after he leaves. 

They confront there grandfather, asking how Samuel can even sleep at night.  He explains he did what he had to, and he ain't gonna spill a tear.  Sammy-boy objects, and Samuels not slow to point out that what he did was nothing compared to what Sam did in the year he doesn't remember.   When Sam demands answers, Dean cuts him off and promises that when the jobs up, Samuel is next.   As he turns, Dean sees the black in his ears, and only barely keeps Samuel from shooting them with the conveniently hidden gun.   The near-miss results, unfortunately, in Samuels escaper.

Dean: “Well hey there, you little herpe."
Sam: “Why do you keep talking about herpes?"
Dean: “What? I don’t. Shut up. Shut up!"  

With Samuel on the loose, the other four hunters press on searching the cannery.  Sam shoves them back suddenly, revealing a trap of Samuels design.  They step over the trip wire, and it's made clear that the trap had a trap, because Sam's cut off and the lights are out.  He looks for another way out and instead finds Samuel.  The older man dares him to shoot him, even promising as he walks forward to tell him anything he wants, about that year.  In the end, Sam stays strong, and guns him down. 

The sound of a bullet shot is ever the proverbial dinner bell for hunters, and they come running just like we expected.  Bobby tells Sam to give up the gun, and Sam does without a blink.  He does what he can to explain what happen, but poor Sammy still ends up handcuffed for safety (he always ends up handcuffed).  They check his ears, but he's clean and thats when Rufus makes the suggestion they cut into Samuels skill.  They leave to find a saw (because what kind of hunter doesn't have a saw in their car?) while Sam and Dean are left to watch Samuel, and each other.

Sam admits that what he does remember doing with Samuel is pretty bad.  He asks Dean what their mother might have said and Deans sure when he tells him that Mary would have believed that family was an earned status. 

“You know what I think mom would say? She’d say just cuz you’re blood doesn't make you family. You gotta earn that.”
-Dean to Sam   

  They leave while Bobby and Rufus work into Samuels head.  Bobby opens up in a rare moment, telling Rufus Omaha was his fault and that he should have listened.  Rufus tells him nothing will change it, and that he can't forgive Bobby, and pushes the subject away, to return to work.  It's then that Samuels attack.  He blocks the doors when the Winchesters come running and knocks Rufus out cold.  Bobby only barely manages to shove him into an eletrical outlet, pushing and the slug escapes him, slithering across the floor.  When at last the brothers break in,  it's clear they don't know where the slug went; it could be in any of them.    Sam comes up with a test, raw wiring against the chest.  He and Dean take it like champs, and Rufus complains (pace maker!) but gives in.  It's Bobby that backs away hesitantly, only to lash out and sink a knife into Rufus's chest. 

Oh dear. 

“I said we've had this conversation already. And you can blab all day and it wouldn’t change a thing, Bobby. I will never forgive you for what happened. You got that? Never. So change the subject, Bob.”
-Rufus to Bobby about Omaha  

Together, they subdue him, tying him to a chair.  They zap the slug-Bobby, and the creature speaks through him.  It's comfortable inside their friend, and even tells them to ask what it wants, as it's an open book.  It tells them of Even, and how she only just created him, how she's the Mother of Mothers, and here to kill all of humanity.   It even speaks of a lure: the trucker was bait to get them into the cannery.  Eve is one mad mama and she's pissed at the Winchesters.   It's nearly the death of Bobby as the struggle to zap the thing out of him, but alas it slithers out, leaving Bobby unconscious and not breathing. 

In the end, they bury Rufus.  Bobby tells him his story, how once-upon-a-time he was nothing but a mechanic, that is until Karen was possessed.  It had been Rufus who helped him exorcise the demon and clean away the mess, keeping Bobby from being arrested. Dean tells him that none of it matters, because they're family, and that won't change.  The episode ends with an air of sadness and a drink of Bobby's favorite. 

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