Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wincest Wednesdays!

Today I have for you an especially special treat.  It's not just a fic.  It's a whole freaking verse.  And it's absolutely amazing, kinky, dirty, smutty and delicious.  And I'm pretty sure there's a plot in there too, and isn't that always a plus.   The author is one of my favorites,  you can find her here at[info]rockstarpeach's journal.  Not only is it an awesome verse, it even comes with a couple of podfics, which you 
can find on the masterlist, here

Title: Blow Me!Verse

Pairing: Dean/Sam

Rating: Adult

Word Count: a whole freaking lot 

Summary: Dean and Sam don’t like giving head. Which makes sense, because they aren’t gay. They both like getting head though, so sometimes you just gotta take one for the team. Sam decides to take advantage of their arrangement, because Dean’s kind of a jerk.

Disclaimer: Not mine, I make no money.


“Goodnight,” Dean said pointedly, eyes wide in warning as he looked at their beds, trying to end the awkward moment.

“No, seriously Dean.  What the hell is going on?  A nice restaurant for dinner?  An actual movie?  And you... you just kissed me...”  Sam’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped.  Dean started to flush and Sam grabbed his shoulder to hold him still when he tried to make a break for it.

“Holy fuck,” he said, voice barely coming out more than a raspy whisper because holy fuck.  “Was this... Was this a date?!”

“What?” Dean asked, snorting out an awkward laugh.  “No.  What... No.”

“Holy shit.  It was!  Oh my God.”  And then Sam was smiling, because this was almost too funny to be real.  “That was you.  On a date.  Christ, Dean.  No wonder you’ve never had a girlfriend.  You suck at it dude.”

Dean scowled at him and he tried not to laugh, he really tried, but this was just Goddamn gold.

“Oh, blow me you little shit,” Dean growled.  “I know you’ve been a girlfriend a couple of times, Sammy, so I thought I’d defer to your expertise on this one.  Hey, what’s it like being a lesbian, anyway?  Is it hot?”

Man, that's one of my favorite parts of the Verse.  Check it out, it's a long read, lots of smut to keep you company and even a whole bunch of schmoop for you fluffy suckers out there! 

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