Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday's Trivia (week three)

I had so much fun hosting trivia today. And man, did it go fast! I was slightly out of breath near the end, and I didn't even play. There were four players today; Purupuru, Thumpa_, DarklyDamon and rubyfromhell and I'm proud to say they all got points!!

Our big winner is Thumpa, who obviously had a match lit under her ass with the way she sped through answers. Especially at the start.

Here are the official results:

1. Thumpa_ : 15 points
2. DarklyDamon : 2 points
3. Purupuru : 2 points
4: rubyfromhell : 1 point

As for a glance at the questions I asked...Here goes;

  1. What town and state is Jimmy Novak from?
  2. Finish the quote: “Not really. I'm like 21 Jump Street. --”
  3. What didn't Dean want to ruin while torturing Alistair in 'On the Head Of A Pin'?
  4. Who thought the Supernatural storyline was 'overall craptastic'?
  5. When does Dean smack Sam's ass in 'Bugs'?
  6. In what episode did Sam glue Dean's hand to his beer bottle?
  7. When playing 'paper-rock-sciccors', which one does Dean ALWAYS pick?
  8. In what episode did a mass exorcism take place?
  9. Where were the mugshots taken?
  10. What does Sam reply to this. “Planes crash.”
  11. Finish the quote: “Give you a couple of severed heads, a pile of dead cows ---”
  12. How did Sam loose his shoe in “Bad Day at Black Rock”
  13. When did the scene that Damian and Barnes played in The Real Ghostbusters, really happen?
  14. What does Dean say to console Henriksen when he states that he shot the sheriff?
  15. What's the first fairytale we see in 'Bedtime Stories'?
  16. What's going down here and in what episode did it happen?
  17. From where does Castiel call during 'Two Minutes To Midnight'?
  18. Who used the Goblet of Blood first?

Well, that's it for me today! See you tomorrow for some angelic literature. *coughs*

Shirley Out.

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