Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wincest Wednesdays!

~Todays fic is~


Okay, so for today, I am brining you a generally feel-good fic. Very little agnsting, with an exception of a few moments.  It's also a great read for those of you who are not entirely into the Wincest World and want something light to begin with.   No graphic brother-loving in this fic, just your basic fade-to-black smut scenes.  It's especially good for a Wincest Noob because the Wincest is actually pretty minimal, only picking up at the end.  The main theme of the fic is Sam, who can suddenly read minds, and Dean who helps him control it.  

'Hes learning about Dean all over again- about the things his brother cant and wont share with him.

Sam loves how Dean can quote Good Omens the way Sam can quote his International Law textbooks. He loves how Dean knows all the words to every Chris Daughtry song on the radio, when he claims to be a rock-and-roll purist. Sam loves the way his brother remembers where theyve been by the quality of a states food.

He hates how Dean cant seem to tell him any of this- that his own brother doesnt feel comfortable sharing the things that make Dean Dean with him.

Sam hates that this damn ability is the only thing that lets him see this person underneath his brothers skin.

Theres a heavy, expectant feeling in his chest, one that burns hot and quick like lightning- when it isnt slow and smoldering like the coals on a dying fire.

Sam can place it if he dares, if hes willing to take the time to search through flames and blood and hurt to find it. The feeling is so familiar when he lets it touch him. It feels like warmth and safety and freedom and Jess.

It feels, he realizes after a bad night of wiping up bloody tissues and hiding the empty Tylenol bottles, a lot like falling in love'

A quick read, at just over 11k words,  this is a great little pick-
me-up with a good plot and great Sam-Voice. 


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