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Episode Review: Heart (2x17)

Hello SPN lovers! I’m reviewing probably one of my all time favorite episodes of the whole entire series, Heart (2.17)

It starts off in San Fransico, California, a girl, Madison, is out with her friends after work. Her boss, Nate asks her to come back to the office to finish some work. It turns out he's just trying to get her to go with him but she's called him a cab. As Nate leaves, Madison sees a crazy looking man watching her. When she turns back a few seconds later, he's gone. She quickly leaves and goes out to her car in some dodgy looking alley and as she leaves, the man who was watching her comes out and watches her drive away. Yeah, creepy dude is creepy. The next morning, Madison arrives at the office and sees blood in Nate's office. She goes in and sees that he's been left on his desk dead, with his heart ripped out. Cue broken coffee pot and scream.

Sam goes to the morgue to see Nate's body, and the doctor concedes it appears like an animal attack, and the heart is missing. Sam and Dean are in town looking into the deaths of hookers on a timetable matching the lunar cycle.

SAM: Dean, could you be a bigger geek about this?

DEAN: I’m sorry, man, but what about “a human by day, a freak animal killing machine by moonlight” don’t you understand? I mean, werewolves are badass. We haven’t seen one since we were kids.

SAM: Okay, Sparky. And you know what? After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland.

DEAN: You know what the best part about it is? We already know how to bring these suckers down. [holding up a silver bullet] One of these bad boys right to the heart. So, what’s our next move?

SAM: Talk to the girl who found the body.

They go to talk to Madison, whose neighbor Glen is leaving as they arrive. I find it so funny that Sam and Dean use the names Dante and Landis because both those names are of directors of werewolf movies. The boys ask her about her boss and Madison describes Nate as a ladies man.

MADISON: Probably knew more about him than he did. Nate was…he was nice.

SAM: But?

MADISON: Nothing, really. He had a few scotches in him, and he started hitting on anyone in a five-mile radius. You know the type. [SAM notices DEAN practically salivating over her.]

SAM: Yeah. I do, actually.

She also mentions her ex-boyfriend Kurt was stalking her and saw him the night at the bar. They go to visit Kurt but after they leave, Madison spots Kurt outside. Creepy guy has a name now. *shivers*

The brothers check out Kurt's apartment. While they are looking around you can see something looking at them. It kinda looks like it can be from the view of an animal. They don't turn anything up.

SAM: Anything?

DEAN: [closing the fridge] No, nothing but leftovers and a six-pack.

SAM: Check the freezer. Maybe there’s some human hearts behind the Haagen-Dazs or something.

Dean hears a noise outside and goes out on the balcony and they see claw marks going down the side of the wall. Down below, a policeman investigates the noise and something attacks him. Dean and Sam hear his gunshot and go down to find the policeman's dead and heart missing.

They go to see Madison and she tells them where Kurt works. One has to stay and the other needs to check out the body shop Kurt owns so they fight over it.

SAM: All right, you go. I’ll stay.

DEAN: Forget that. You go after the creepy ex. I’m gonna hang here with the hot chick.

SAM: Dude, why do you always get to hang out with the girls?

DEAN: Because I’m older.

SAM: No, screw that. We settle this the old-fashioned way.

[He takes the coffee cups and sets them down, then raises his fist for Rock-Paper-Scissors. DEAN plays along, choosing scissors while SAM chooses rock.]

SAM: Dean, always with the scissors.

DEAN: Shut up, shut up. Two out of three.

[They play once more, with SAM’s rock again beating DEAN’s scissors.]

DEAN: God!

SAM: Bundle up out there, all right? 

Now this is where the fun starts. Sam is clearly uncomfortable with Madison, who flirts with him. He’s all awkward sitting around so she offers him to sit on the couch. Being the good boy he is, he declines. That is until she brings out her underwear to fold right in front of him. They end up watching soap operas and Sam gets hooked on them. They end up talking about how she got involved with Kurt. She mentions she was mugged and decided to take control of her life, then kicked Kurt out. They're interrupted when Dean calls in to report he's found Kurt at a strip bar.

That night the full moon comes up and Madison goes to bed while Sam stands watch in the living room. Dean watches Kurt's apartment and loads up on silver bullets. He hears a crashing noise and bursts in to find Kurt dead… and a wolfed out Madison standing over him chomping on his heart. She attacks Dean who manages to drive her off with a silver blade. That morning Dean calls Sam who says Madison hasn't left, but he notices the nick on her arm. He locks her into the apartment. Sam ties her down to a chair and holds her hostage with the gun. She pleads that she doesn’t know how she got the cut and that werewolves aren’t real. When Dean shows up Madison protests her innocence and Sam defends her.

SAM: We’ve gotta talk. [He brings DEAN into another room.] She says she has no idea what I’m talking about.

DEAN: She’s lying.

SAM: Or maybe she really doesn’t know she’s changing, you know? Maybe when the creature takes over, she blacks out.

DEAN: [deadpan] Like a really hot Incredible Hulk. Come on, dude, she ganked her boss and her ex-boyfriend. That doesn’t sound rash and unconscious.

SAM: Yeah, but what if it was, Dean? What if some animal part of her brain saw both those guys as threats? Hell, the cop, too.

DEAN: What are you, the Dog Whisperer now?

SAM: Look, man, I just…I don’t know, there was something in her eyes.

DEAN: Yeah, she’s killing people!

SAM: But if she has no control over it—

DEAN: Exactly. She can’t control it. Even if she’s telling the truth, it’s not gonna change anything.

SAM: I’m not putting a bullet through some girl’s chest who has no idea what’s happening.

DEAN: Sam, she’s a monster, and you’re feeling sorry for her?

SAM: Maybe I understand her. [pause] Look, there might be another way we can get the job done without having to waste her.

Sam suggests they kill the lycanthrope that bit Madison, which their father believed should cure its victims. Sam figures out the mugger bit her while she was near where the hookers were killed. They figure out that she was bitten on the back of her neck by the wolf. Sam offers to stay with Madison while Dean goes to hunt the original lycanthrope, and Dean reluctantly agrees. But only after Sam agrees to shoot Madison if something goes wrong.

After Dean leaves, Madison asks Sam to free her and he tries to comfort her, saying he'll leave once she's cured and he'll be nothing but a bad memory. Between her crying and Sam’s painful looks my heart just breaks for both of them. You can tell at this point that they both kinda like each other.

As the full moon comes up, a hooker on the streets hears something stalking her and panics. Madison goes all she wolf again and breaks free, going after Sam, scratching him. He manages to lock her in the closet while the original werewolf grabs the hooker. Dean arrives just in time to shoot the lycanthrope… Madison's neighbor Glen. Glen reverts to human and remembers nothing… then dies as Dean looks on. Another tear moment in my opinion.

Sam gets Madison out of the closet and tells her she won't see him again, then leaves. Madison looks at the damage that she did to the closet and the realization of what she was dawns on her. And it is just heart retching

The guys sit in the car outside to watch her that night and Dean asks Sam about her in the car. She comes down and invites them in and they play poker. They wait out the night and the next sunrise Madison is fine. Dean leaves the two of them alone after witnessing the awkward good bye Sam and Madison have. When he leaves he gives Sam a fist pump.

MADISON: Oh, God, thank you. Thank you so much. [She gives SAM a hug. DEAN clears his throat, and they pull away.] You, too, Dean. Thank you.

DEAN: Aw, don’t mention it. [awkward pause] So, I’m just gonna head back to the hotel and…watch some Pay-Per-View or something. [He leaves the apartment, pumping his fist in the air as he leaves.]

MADISON: That was smooth.

SAM: He means well, but…

MADISON: You mean, he thinks you’re gonna get laid.

SAM: Look, I—

MADISON: It’s okay.

SAM: No. I know I scare the crap out of you, all right? I mean, I tied you to a chair.

MADISON: That’s right up there with me scratching up your face.

SAM: There’s just no way we could go back, you know? Before it happened.

MADISON: You’re right. There’s just no way.

And then… they attack. Because this is so intense for me I’m just going to show you what the transcript says while I stare at naked Sam on my screen:

[SAM shakes his head. Then, after a moment, MADISON gives in and kisses him. SAM immediately responds, pushing her against the wall. They strip each other of their clothing and make their way to the bedroom, falling back onto the bed. Throughout the night, they continue to make passionate love, letting go of all they had been holding back. Hours later, they fall asleep in each other’s arms, completely content.]

During this scene there are like three words going on in my head, Back, Biting and Arms. That is all.

After the best sex to hit supernatural, the full moon comes up and Sam wakes to find that Madison has transformed and leaps out the window.

The next morning Sam goes to get Dean, who warns him they may have to kill Madison. Sam takes it to heart and makes it about him being evil and having to die eventually too. She calls them and they pick her up, and Dean warns her they can't find a cure. Sam is distraught and Madison accepts that she doesn't want to hurt anyone else, and there's only one thing she can do. She asks Sam to help shoot her and thus "save" her. Sam is against it. He wants to save her but not this way.

Sam can’t stop crying which leads me to think that he either fell for her or that they really connected on the “we’re both evil beyond our control” level. Dean takes the gun but a crying Sam insists that he has to do it since she asked him. Sam takes the gun, goes into the next room, leaving Dean there to shed his man tear and a shot rings out. Fade to black. *holds myself together through the tears*

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