Sunday, March 20, 2011

Supernatural Trivia: Friday!

Friday, 18th March 2011

Hey there, guys!

So last friday, it was trivia time once again. It was a bit quieter than usual, but it was fun with people flinging wrong answers first, then right answers and even some challenging the correct answers! Today's players were @Purupuru, @Thumpa_, @kaghanyou and @Shirley_007.

And here are today's results:

Thumpa_: 13
Shirley_007: 7
Purupuru: 5

Catch ya later!

Before you go, check out our questions and see if you can answer them! Answers on @spn_trivia_. Join us again on Monday!

1) What state does Bobby live in?
2) What is the name of the bar Jo works at in Born Under a Bad Sign?
3) What kind of Demon is the ghost of a young girl, who at night visits from her mountain to bring illness to children?
4) True or False: You kill the Mother Changeling and the children changelings are destroyed
5) What year and make is Death’s car?
6) What is the name of the Jail that Sam and Dean go to in “Folsom Prison Blues”?
7) What Demon possessed Walter Rosen?
8) How do you kill a ghoul? (Name both ways)
9) Who is Boris and what episode was he in?
10) Name the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the order in which they physically appeared on the show, starting with the first. For an extra point name the episode each started in.
11) How many broken seals were shown/mentioned on the show?
12) What had happened here?
13) There have been 7 vengeful spirits on Supernatural. Name 5 of them. (Name all 7 for an extra point)
14) Who says this? “Location, location, location. I'm a developer. Purgatory is vast, underutilized, and hell adjacent, and I want it.”
15) How many episodes featured Reapers?
16) Who created the Khan Worm?
17) What are a leprechaun’s weaknesses?
18) Besides The French Mistake, what other episodes were set in alternative universes? *Hint* There are 4.
19) Finish this: "If there' a key, then there has to be a lock. And when we find the lock we can get the weapons....." FULL QUOTE
20) What does Jared Padalecki wear? Boxers or Briefs? (Trick Question, the point of which went to Purupuru)
21) How many times does Sam die across all 6 seasons?

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